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We’re vivovii and we’ve set out to harness the web to help people make consistently better decisions and consequently lead a more fulfilling and happy life. 
We at vivovii spend our time thinking about how modern technology and evidence-based research can help to assist those who have chosen to undertake a journey of personal growth.  Together, with our experts and engaged community, we work to catalyze insightful conversations and personal discoveries. 
Our mobile and desktop apps are designed to be approachable, encouraging and inspiring.  They exude a quiet confidence and sense of comfort through a clean and simple interface.  We want our users to constantly initiate these meaningful discussions and not be deterred by a cumbersome experience.   We celebrate when we find new ways to better ourselves and our products.  We believe that the best designs ensure that as many decisions as possible are intentional and considered.
We have successful set up and sold two companies and are now working on our third.  Our collective experiences include working for top global companies and international powerhouse brands across many industries.  We’re now channeling our skills into this disruptive product. 
We are a funded and growing start-up.  We have formed a team of smart, ambitious, passionate people who believe in what we do.  And, we are eager to have like-minded individuals be part of our team.