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Internship Opportunities


University/College Internship Programs

Ocean Park is committed to offering diversified internship opportunities in respond to our commitment to provide valuable work experience to students or fresh graduates and to develop future talents from business, tourism and hospitality programs in universities and other education institutions. For more detailed information about our internship programs, please contact your institution’s career office.

Short-Term / Part-Time Work Opportunities

Students may also gain work experience through working for the Park. We offer a wide range of short-term/ part-time opportunities with flexible work hours and diversified job nature to students who would like to work as part of our operational teams. If you are interested, please search for our job openings in our job search section and submit your applications. here

Other Internship Opportunities

If you would like to explore other internship opportunities at the Park, please click “apply for job” and submit your internship application. We will check with our related departments for placement opportunities that fit your skill sets and interests.

Employment TypeFull-time, Part-time
Education LevelNon-specified
Ocean Park Hong KongHospitality, Food and Beverage

Ocean Park, Aberdeen, Hong KongOcean Park, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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