Project Manager

Full Time
Lead (more than 10 years)

Job Description

Project Manager

Location: Hong Kong

- Responsible for setting the technical direction of the data centre modernization and perform the architecture design of the project.
- Work with account PE, DPE and T&T Manager to lead and complete the project. The person acts as the technical mastermind of the project.
- The person will consolidate the input from all the other technical persons on the team and put an overall design and technical strategy together.
- The person will act as the main technical interface into the customer.
- The person should be enough to query the output of the various architects responsible for the various work streams and indeed query the technical direction the customer elects to move into.
- Setup the architecture governance model with internal team and client.

Key Project Requirements:
- Setup Two Cloud Computing hubs in Hong Kong and Singapore
- Orchestration and automation for compute resource provisioning and patterns
- Scalable and standardised cloud computing architecture integrated with legacy systems support
- Improved resiliency and improved DR solution
- Enhanced tiered storage solution
- Enhanced back-up and restore functionality using VTS
- Improved security solution and threat protection
-Architecture Governance structure aligned to the client
- Performance engineering for applications and systems performance
- At least 10 years experiences on enterprise technology architecture
- A person should have led data center modernization project, preferably have the GTS SO delivery experiences.
- A person should have led a team to build the IBM private modular cloud
- A person should have led a team of different domain experts including AS400, Solaris, Linux, wintel, IBM SVC storage and virtualization, IBM TSM backup, ProtecTIER VTL and VMware .
- A person should have strong communication and presentation, as well as leadership skills


Bachelor's Degree

Technical Skills

  • Linux
  • Oracle Solaris
  • VMware