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Health Addiction Company Limited

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Health Addiction Company Limited (“HA”) was founded in 2009 as a healthy vending machine business. We have since expanded into two brands Health Addiction (HA!) and Wicked Addiction (WA!) offering both healthy and trendy (unhealthy) products.

HA currently owns and operates close to 200 machines in Hong Kong's best locations, including Corporate (investment banks, law firms, large corporations, hospitals), Education (international schools, universities) and Others (hospitals, residential, transport hubs etc.) segments.

HA has raised two rounds of funding from professional investors in 2014 and 2016.

HA’s business model has expanded into multiple segments:

1. Vending Sales: HA owns its machines, and generates revenue through retail sales of products or rental of the machines to other companies.

2. Marketing Platform: HA generates marketing revenue through its portfolio of vending machines (LCD advertising, product listing fees, machine marketing fees, machine rental fees).

3. Catering: HA has its own line of fresh healthy salads and sandwiches for corporate lunch catering.

4. Bulk Orders / Online Store: HA is launching an online store to sell and deliver products to households directly.

5. Importer / Exclusive Distributor: HA imports products directly from international suppliers, and as the exclusive distributor, distribute to supermarkets/convenience stores.