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The French International School of Hong Kong (FIS), is a private school, created, co-shared and managed by the Parents. FIS is linked by convention to the Agency for French Teaching Abroad- AEFE, a national administrative body.

This convention guarantees that the French curriculum is taught in conformity with the National Education instructions, allows the school to present students to the national examinations (“Brevet” & “Baccalauréat”) and validates all school decisions regarding students’ university guidance.

The FIS welcomes 2627 students from 40 different countries. It offers two streams, French and International.
The French stream (bilingual classes included) follows the programs enacted by the French Ministry of Education and has approximately 2005 students registered.

The international stream follows a curriculum broadly based on the UK curriculum with an international focus leading to IGCSE (University of Cambridge International Examinations) and the International Baccalaureate (IBO Geneva) Diploma. It has approximately 622 students registered.