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About Dee Dances

Dee Dances is a fast-growing and profitable community based dance and fitness class provider that specialises in ZUMBA, HATHA YOGA, TONE2MUSIC, LATIN-REGGAETON-HIPHOP, ZUMBA STEP-BY-STEP TECHNIQUES, PILATES, STRETCH&STRENGTHEN and more!

Our mission is to to provide affordable high quality dance fitness classes to all members of the community with tiered pricing for students, domestic helpers, social workers, pensioners and the underprivileged.

Dee Dances was founded by Dee Sharon Oh, a passionate dance and yoga enthusiast who had previous investment banking and treasury management experience in a few of the largest and most successful international financial institutions in Hong Kong and Australia.

Dee is passionate about providing high quality dance and fitness classes to all members of the community at affordable prices to ensure health and fitness services are accessible to all and not just the elites of the society. Dee keeps a close watch of her students' health and wellbeing and motivates them to work harder to improve in their practice of dancing and yoga while getting more fit with her intense and energetic routines, while cracking the occasional jokes in class.

At Dee Dances, our team are made of the most passionate, caring and friendly teachers who continuously inspire and motivate all to achieve more with their dance and fitness practice while keeping a warm smile and paying enough attention without causing too much stress to the students to keep them happy, relaxed and relieved from the stresses of the workplace and hectic life in Hong Kong.