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Listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, China Financial Services Holdings Ltd. (605.HK, “China Financial Services”) is a leading non-bank financial institution in Northern China dedicated to providing customized financial services and solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”). It is primarily engaged in direct loan, financial guarantee and financial advisory businesses. We finance our direct loan services using our capital. In addition, in view of helping SMEs to obtain loan from financial institutions, we provide financial guarantee services through our financial guarantee company. We also rolled out the financial advisory business to capture the burgeoning SMEs funding demand. 
With the aim of becoming the largest and diversified financial institution in Greater China, China Financial Services endeavors to build an integrated financial service platform. Riding on our major shareholder’s extensive industry experience and resources, China Financial Services has consolidated a strong distribution network. Meanwhile, it will strengthen its cooperative ties with domestic and foreign financial institutions, as well as asset management companies to tap growing customer demands for financial services.
Capitalizing on its international experience and resources, China Financial Services will propel its business development with the support of investors and business partners, thereby achieving high standard of corporate governance and business operation principal, which are comparable to world-class financial institutions.