The World Cup is Kicking Off Today – So is your Employee’s Engagement

Today, Thursday, June 14, 2018, the World Cup is kicking off in Russia. We are allowed to be jittery as a June Bug. Whatever team you support, it’s a perfect opportunity to enhance your work’s global atmosphere, the general employee engagement, and most definitely, your mood. Be ready for a whole month of exciting conversations, short nights, team spirit and cheers (or tears?)

1. Football: an effective ice-breaker


To remind you, according to Gallup’s 2017 global survey, the state of the Global Workplace, only 15% of full-time workers are truly engaged at work. Sadly enough, employee engagement is known as a real issue. At this point, every single company tries to enhance it in one way or another.
But let’s take this timely opportunity to boost general employee engagement. The World Cup, otherwise known as the most-watched sporting event in TV history, is the perfect way to get employees feel more energized and get that extra kick they need. (Pun intended).

It’s a friendly, informal and fun way to get your employees talking and even bonding with each other. You know how team spirit works.

And, let’s face it – as it happens every 4 years, it’s worth changing your workplace “ways” for a month.

2. How to get involved in the World Cup

If you agree that it’s the perfect way to boost your employee’s motivations this month, read on:

1.Set a TV screen in your office

Obviously, this is your first step to getting involved in the World Cup. If not a TV, why don’t you set a projector? Of course, maybe don’t let it on the whole day from 9-5. Choose wisely which games to watch – so that your employees can still keep your company running 😉

2. Encourage conversations

“What did you think of the game?” “Who were you supporting?”

Chances are, these exchanges will spark excitement. Some people can get very patriotic and competitive – others just watch it for the atmosphere – but people like chatting about the world cup. It’s the summer event that “ties” everyone during a month.

3. Sweepstakes!

If you’re the kind of person who likes to gamble… you’re in for a treat!
If you don’t know already, a sweepstake is a type of contest where a prize (or prizes) may be awarded to a winner (or winners). Simply put – each person randomly picks a team – bets on it – and hopes it wins.

You can even download a “sweepstake kit” for your team!  It’s really a fun and easy way to bring all your employees together.

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