For those who love…love: here are jobs and places made just for you

Did you know that Hongkongers spend an average of HK$ 2,200 on Valentine’s Day? Love is the most expensive gift…

Are you hungry for love?

Firstly, there are jobs that might be just for you.


As a writer, the beauty is the freedom of expressing your thoughts and imaginations. For romantic people, specifically, it can be interesting to look into romance writing.

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🌹Restaurant Manager

Do you enjoy seeing couples celebrating love? Serving clients to make them smile and to make their experience great? Why not even look into fine dining?

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As a therapist, you get to be in charge of enhancing people’s moments. Be it a spa therapist or a psychological therapist, essentially, your role is to make people feel better.

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Being a chef is truly an art. You need a special attention to details. Also, as a Chef, you get to give a lot more than you receive. You have the opportunity of making people happy!

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Secondly, there are hotels that you (or/and with your partner) should definitely consider eating at this Valentine’s Day:

❣️Caprice (At Four Seasons Hotel)

Is there anything more romantic than eating cheese and drinking wine for Valentine’s Day? Does it get any cheesier?

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❣️Intercontinental Hotels

With perhaps the most astonishing view in Hong Kong, the Intercontinental offers delicacies facing the immersive buildings of the city. You’re in for a treat!

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❣️Hyatt Hotels

In Hong Kong, there’s a vast number of Hyatt hotels: The Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, and more. They are all known as the best hotels of Hong Kong.

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❣️Shangri La Hotels

Shangri La hotels have always had a globally good reputation. Here in Hong Kong, Shangri La offers a broad range of restaurants and cuisines you should definitely think about.

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❤️Whether you are looking for jobs, restaurants or love this Valentine’s Day, we hope you have a good one ❤️

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