How To Use Storytelling To Communicate With Your Team

Researchers believe that for leaders to connect with others, they can’t simply rely on truth and logic. The best connections in fact, are emotional ones. Research also shows that one of the best ways to create this type of connection is through storytelling.

Benefits of Storytelling

Even though only very few leaders might be blessed with the storytelling gift, it is an art that can be discovered by all leaders in a relatively short space of time. The benefits of communicating complex problems or strategic concerns in a format people can relate with are plentiful.

Here are some of the key things to focus on to help your own storytelling;


Effective content will permit you to share your message with the audience. Think about whether to include the following;

Facts – research that attracts your listener’s rational self

Emotion- Enthusiasm, motivation, and persuasion that charm to your audience

Symbols – Metaphors, perspective, and images that appeal to your listener visual self

An easy way to begin is to think of something from your experience and construct a story around it.


Practice delivering your story to friends and family.  Assess your listeners’ reaction to the story including emotional and motivational effects. Try to pace your delivery so that you communicate it effectively. Make sure your tone is in keeping with the content. Soft for emotion, harsh to emphasise a specific point.


Perhaps this should have been the first point to consider as everything flows from here. Consider how your story should be tailored to different segments of your workplace. The individuals in Operations, Human Resources, and Customer Service will all react differently to your stories. Think of areas of common ground across your audience and construct a story with that in mind.


Consider how your tale could be used to teach different lessons. Could it demonstrate your company culture or values? Could it be motivational to your group?

If you can master the art of storytelling, it’s been proven that those you communicate with are far more likely to remember what you say, and act on it. Pretty powerful stuff!


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