The Top 4 Attributes seen in High Performing Administration Professionals

Business Administration doesn’t immediately identify with the words exciting and innovative in the work force, what comes to mind are more like words such as stable and routine. Some businesses can put administration to the back of their hiring needs, only addressing shortages when it is too late and after problems arise.

The best employers see the function of administration as the glue that helps to bring out the best results from the company. Modern day admin teams are highly valued and top tier companies understand that Human Resources and Administration are two functions that shouldn’t necessarily be lumped together. For businesses to create a strong administration department they need to hire professionals possessing the following attributes;

  1. Business knowledge

Proper administration can be a competitive advantage for companies, especially in tough market conditions. A strong administrative team works effectively across the organisation to give I.T, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Finance and senior management the ability to enhance and improve the productivity of the company.

  1. Communication and organisation skills

Much like human resources, administration is a function that needs to work with all areas of the company. Strong administration professionals are able to understand their company’s objectives, helping them to prioritise the requests of the many different functions within their company. Strong communication and organisation skills are important for administration teams with their task and time allocation.

  1. Interest and Passion

Administration is a transferrable career path in today’s working environment and the high level of movement in this specific job market is proof of this fact. The best admin teams have an awareness that they are also on the frontlines of their employer’s branding and imaging, from managing the front reception to handling phone calls from customers and other business partners. These tasks have an underrated level of importance and only the best Admin professionals realise this. Even though they may appear to be repetitive and unexciting tasks, Talented admin professionals maintain a positive demeanour no matter what task they have on hand.

  1. Focus and Multi-tasking

Administration can either slow down a company or fuel the fire that ignites the rest of the business. Top tier admin professionals have the ability to manage many tasks on hand at any given time, solid multi-tasking and time management skills help the best perform to a high standard level.

Administration roles often ask for individuals to take on many differing responsibilities and every day can bring on different challenges. Strong abiltiy to focus to the task on hand and awareness about existing duties is what can set apart the best administration professionals.


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