Top 3 Action-Packed Team Building Activities in Hong Kong

Gone are the days when team building was all about closing your eyes and throwing yourself backwards, whilst hoping that your colleagues were holding their hands tightly enough to catch you before you hit the ground. Today, there are so many cooler and more active ways to foster good relations amongst your workforce.

Here are three of the best action-packed team building activities in Hong Kong:

War Games

The ultimate in team building activities. Where having someone’s back and them having yours can literally be the difference between life and getting hit by a rubber bullet. Not only are war and combat activities a great way to encourage teamwork, strategic thinking and leadership, they are also a fantastic way to get some exercise. Amazing how fast you can run when being chased by a colleague with a gun!

Check out for one of Hong Kong’s best known combat game providers. They specialise in team building events to suit companies of all sizes.


Adventure Games

If the idea of running around shooting at your co-workers doesn’t appeal, then how about being locked in a room with them? That’s what is on offer at  which terms itself as “a series of reality escape rooms.” Players are locked inside pre-set scenarios rooms and basically have to get out. The escapers are limited to use only the elements inside the game along with their abilities to find clues, solve puzzles, and perform actions in order to escape within 45 minutes. Whilst the main aim (apart from making it home) is to have fun, there is definitely an element of  teamwork, communication, cooperation and leadership development.

Fun and Games

What better way to get your team laughing at themselves than have them jump around on a massive indoor indoor playground? Whether it’s playing dodgeball, running up bouncy walls or just fine tuning your ‘free-jumping’ skills that takes your fancy, then you should check out the amazing Not only are there proven health benefits to trampolining, but with Bounce catering for large parties with a wide variety of activities, your team are sure to take their team spirit to new heights.


Last but not least..  Music and Team building?

Team Music® in Hong Kong provides corporate clients the latest indoor music team bonding and team building innovation – BANDINC® – The Ultimate Corporate Rock Band Experience. This is a great proposition for any corporate team organiser or human resource managers, searching out for the best corporate event ideas and fun activities for their colleagues, here in Hong Kong. BANDINC® is flexible as a Collaboration or Competition program. With absolutely no musical experience required at all, our participants play 2 songs as a band in 3 hours. The 7 musical instruments include Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Ukulele, Percussions, Singing. We have customised BANDINC® to include CantoPop music, Mandarin Pop music, English Pop music, in order to suit the corporate participants here in Hong Kong.




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