How to Find a Rich Boyfriend in Hong Kong

Recently, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that 54% of Chinese women prefer their boyfriend to earn twice as much, with 30% saying they prefer their boyfriend to earn 3 times as much.

Knowledge can change your fate, but so can a rich boyfriend! Desperate to find a rich boyfriend in Hong Kong ? (I know you are!) Here are our top 10 tips on how to make your wish come true!


1.Students: sit at the medicine and law section of the library

How to Find a Rich Boyfriend in Hong

Hong Kong pays its professionals well. If you’re doing a worthless degree like Sociology or Art History, you need to find a rich boyfriend ASAP! Cuz honey, you’re not going to be able to afford a flat with a social science or arts degree. Simply take your books and laptops to the medicine or law section of the library every day.


2.Get a master’s degree abroad

How to Find a Rich Boyfriend in Hong

Studying abroad is always a good idea to find a rich boyfriend, because either the family is rich enough to send their son abroad, or the son is really smart and got a scholarship (which means he will have no problem becoming rich in the future).

A master’s degree will usually last for about a year, which is more affordable than a 3-year bachelor’s degree.


3. Join a taxi queue at an upper-class housing estate!

How to Find a Rich Boyfriend in Hong Kong

If you live in a public estate, walk yourself to the nearby private estate where all the rich boys are waiting for their taxis. For example, if you live in Hung Hom public estate, walk yourself to the taxi stand at Laguna Verde, which is only 3 minutes away. Who knows? You might end up sharing a taxi. (*wink*)


4. Go jogging on Lugard Road, a.k.a the Peak

How to Find a Rich Boyfriend in Hong Kong

You may not be able to afford a flat in the Mid-levels, but you CAN wake up earlier, take a bus up the Peak, and go jogging there, where people who DO LIVE in the Mid-Levels jog.


5. Join a gym

How to Find a Rich Boyfriend in Hong

Speaking of jogging, you may also want to consider joining a gym, preferably one located in Central, Causeway Bay, Stanley etc. First, you need to stay fit and healthy in order to increase your competitiveness in the marriage market. (Gold diggers are never fat.) Second, successful and rich men like to stay healthy and fit too, and they often go to the gym to work out. Go there every day at the same time, so those rich boys will recognise you and say hey.


6.Sign up for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant

You don’t even have to win (but you can if you want to – here’s how) –  you just have to join the competition for some exposure.  Suki Chui, who didn’t get into the Top 3, ended up marrying Kenny Wee, a restaurateur and the current owner of Metro Daily.

How to Find a Rich Boyfriend in Hong Kong

Suki Chui and husband Kenny Wee. 


Karmen Kwok, who won 3rd place in the 2015 pageant, is now dating Richard Li, the chairman of PCCW and the son of Li Ka Shing, the richest man in Hong Kong.

How to Find a Rich Boyfriend in Hong Kong Karmen Kwok and Richard Li. Source:


Probably the most famous example is Loletta Chu, the 1977 Miss Hong Kong Pageant winner, who not only married one, but TWO billionaires – Timothy Fok Tsun-ting and Vincent Lo of Shui On Group.


How to Find a Rich Boyfriend in Hong Kong

Loletta Chu.


7. Do charity work, even if it’s just for show

How to Find a Rich Boyfriend in Hong Kong

How to Find a Rich Boyfriend in Hong Kong

Kate Middleton and Prince William both went to volunteer at Chile with the same organisation before their first year at university. They didn’t meet in Chile but they were pleasantly surprised to know when they finally met at university that they had just missed each other. Probably if Kate didn’t go, the two wouldn’t click. Main point: do some charity work, like going abroad to rural China or Southeast Asia etc. First, you can meet lots of boys at the event (mostly rich ones, because only rich boys have time to  volunteer.) Second, when you do meet one, you can talk about your volunteering experiences, ESPECIALLY if you don’t have a hobby. Let men see you as someone who is intelligent and kind.


8. Dress the part

How to Find a Rich Boyfriend in Hong Kong

In the aforementioned SCMP article, Shanghai women seem to be able to captivate their men the most. Shanghai women are known to be meticulous about their appearance. It was said that in the past, even if the Shanghai girls were poor, they purposely put oil on their mouth to show to people that they were not poor and could still afford to eat food cooked with oil. Men like women with good taste and style – if you need inspiration, head to Vogue  or The Blond Salad.


9. When you fly, fly first class.

How to Find a Rich Boyfriend in Hong Kong

Even if it takes away all your savings, you should fly first class – because duh, that’s where all the rich men are. It was rumoured that Wendi Murdoch bought a first-class ticket from New York to Hong Kong and had a seat next to Bruce Churchill, then Star TV’s C.O.O., who gave her a summer job at Star TV and hence she could meet Rupert Murdoch. (Vanity Fair) 


10. Playing hard to get

How to Find a Rich Boyfriend in Hong Kong

Playing hard to get is really important – men enjoy the thrill of the chase ! Men don’t want to date women who are too desperate or obviously a gold digger! How to play hard to get? Here is an example: When Rupert Murdoch wanted Wendi Murdoch to be his girlfriend, she said no. Wendi Murdoch said in an interview, “ Because I thought, How can I be with you? I need a good job. I started from China and have worked so hard to get a degree from a prestigious university. Now I have a good job. If the relationship fails, then I lose everything.” Then, Rupert said, ‘Don’t worry. I will marry you.'” (Vanity Fair)


See? That’s how to play hard to get!


PS: Go to the right parties. (Guess where Mark Zuckerberg met his wife? In line for the bathroom at a college party) Also, consider quitting your job – stress gives you wrinkles and bad skin, and we wouldn’t want that, would we? But if you would rather find a job than look for a rich boyfriend, you can visit Jobable.


Good luck!


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