Targeted Health Solutions in the Workplace

Different individuals have different needs. It’s important to recognise this in the workplace when it comes to the types of health and wellness benefits provided. However, it’s even more important to avoid grouping employees into categories and assuming the benefits that they want or need. Instead, benefits should be personalised and targeted to individuals, in turn providing maximum employee satisfaction and autonomy.

I had the opportunity to listen to Rosaline Koo, founder and CEO of ConneXionsAsia (CXA), discuss the pioneering targeted health solutions that her company provides:

Health Profiling to Determine Risks

Asking employees to complete questionnaires allows HR professionals to build individual employee health profiles based on accurate data. This allows for a thorough understanding of the unique risks and insurance requirements of each employee. Profiling also allows HR to assist with prevention and intervention through showing the areas that need to be improved on individually.

Video Doctor Consultations

Remote doctor consultations via Skype allow for the health biometrics of each employee to be professionally analysed, and enable employees to receive personalized advice. This is a useful tool that saves employees time by not having to spend hours waiting to see a doctor face to face.

Personalised Face Aging

CXA ages faces based on their current lifestyle choices. Using fear and shock factors to make employees realize the long-term physical effects of unhealthy behaviour can be an effective motivator for positive lifestyle changes.

Access to Discounted Wellness Programs

Employees feel empowered from being able to choose the benefits that best fit their personal and family needs. CXA provides each employee with a set number of credits that they can use to select the benefits of their choice online. This employee autonomy also benefits HR professionals through saving time from decreased paper work.

Powerful Data Analytics

HR professionals can track all biometrics, health risks and claims online. This helps identify trends of concern and key risk factors in the workplace, allowing for interventions to be proposed early on. This data also provides clear and valuable ROI reports.


I think that targeted health solutions are the way forward for workplace health – both mental and physical. Every person is different, and thus it is important to appreciate the varying health needs of each employee. Equally, employees will also feel more valued by the company and empowered through the emphasis that is put on them as individuals.

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