How To Take Time Off for a Job Interview

How to take time off for a job interview? It’s natural not to want your current company and co-workers to learn that you’re going to a job interview somewhere else. But the fact is that interviews are generally held during the work day. A problem? Potentially. But not if you’re smart about it!

So what’s the best approach for requesting time off without raising a red flag?

If you have a flexible work schedule, it’s pretty simple to work your interviews around your tasks and not get behind in order to raise concern. However, if you are on fixed hours, or in a role which requires your presence in the office then this is more difficult.

Another option is to arrange job interviews early or late on in your day – perhaps even at lunchtime. One advantage of the early or late interviews is that it shows a prospective employer that you’re really committed to the interview process.

Probably the last resort for everyone is taking a morning off. However although many people have such few days of annual leave that taking days off might seem like a terrible idea, it does have some big advantages. The main one is that you won’t have to worry about being on the clock before or after the interview and can instead focus on the process itself. You will likely be more relaxed and perform better in the job interview as a result.

That said, if you’re taking time off but staying in Hong Kong (for the interview! ssshhhhh), then you need to have a reason. Why? Come on! Bosses and colleagues care about you, or in other words, just want to know what you are doing!

Here are some great reasons for taking time off that shouldn’t make people suspicious;

Car service
Doctor’s appointment
Installing NowTV or I-cable
Meeting a lawyer
Picking a friend up from the airport
Plumbing problems
Taking your sick pet to the vet (only if you have a pet!)

Now you’re in the clear and your boss and colleagues are none the wiser, you can go out and have a great interview!

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