TMA 2018: How To Develop A Stronger Business With The Framework “CHANGES”, by Suprince Ma

The second guest of the Talent Management Asia 2018 conference, Suprince Ma, Director of Organisation Development and Change Management at Colgate-Palmolive brought our attention to better strategies for organisation development in day-to-day operations.

To begin her presentation, she explained the difference between organisation and successful change. Organization change means moving from a current state to a desired future state. Differently, Successful change is when Business results in the future state meet or exceed expectations and are sustainable and when people are engaged and exhibit desired behaviours”.

In HR, there are obvious challenges in leading change. The 3 main ones include:
How can HR get involved in designing the change?
How to define HR’s role in partnering business with leading change?
How can HR keep abreast of the changing world?

Then, she shared a very well thought-through strategic framework to develop a stronger business. It’s called “CHANGES”.





Goal & Strategy

Employee Engagement

System & Process

After defining CHANGES, she shared valuable examples of how companies can practise each “CHANGES” components in daily operations.

This included a very eye-opening market insight done in the Philippines.

This leads her to explain that new insights lead to a new business strategy which then leads to a new business model; which proves that HR has the power to bring strategic capability to an organization.

The market insight also lead her to talk about communication strategy in leading change.

For a successful change, employees need to be engaged. Suprince beautifully expressed:

“We are people, we have emotions – we feel dissatisfied when we lose our power – anxiety when we feel unsure about the future – depressed when we think we are not needed in a company’s future.”

For successful employee engagement, there is another framework to implement – the 3 I’s:

*Inspire – Involve – Instill*

Let’s bear these frameworks in mind for long-term success!
Thanks, Suprince for shedding light on this!

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