Second Interview Success – Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t worry if you aren’t offered a second interview. There are plenty more fish in the sea and the right job for you is out there somewhere.


Do enjoy a moment of self-congratulation if you do get a second interview invitation. Not everyone gets this far.


Don’t allow yourself to get complacent. You have kept yourself in the game, but just like an athlete getting through the heats, or a golfer making the cut, the final rounds are yet to come.


Do prepare as diligently for the second interview as I hope you did for the first. All the basics are still important; your career story, background reading on the company, any latest developments since your first interview etc.


Don’t expect to be interviewed by the same people. If at all possible find out the names of your interviewers and their job titles ahead of time so you can also do some background research on them. Remember that the format of an interview can also change, so be prepared for one-on-one or group interviews, plus the possibility of a written assessment or psychometric test.


Do make sure that you have eaten well before the interview and are properly hydrated. Being at the top of your game, for the whole of the game is the aim. Since we never know how long interviews are going to take, it’s best to ready yourself for the long-haul.


Don’t dwell on things that didn’t go well in the first interview. After all, you have made it through to the next round, so you must have made a good impression overall.


Do think about any answers you hesitated with first time and focus on them in your preparation for round two.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Taking a second round interview is a further step of commitment from you as well as the company. It is perfectly normal to ask you interviewers anything and everything you want to know in order to feel comfortable about the role you are interviewing for as well as the company itself.


Do expect to be asked questions that are more detailed and specific. There might well be some loose ends that need to be tied up from your first interviews and this might involve possibly answering the same questions again but in more detail. The worst thing you could do, is to say that you have answered the questions before. This will look extremely defensive. Simply answer consistently with your previous answer and provide extra details when asked.


Don’t be surprised to be asked about salary expectations, notice periods and other details about your potential ‘exit’ situation. Some companies will even address these questions in the first interview as the answers can often have a big impact (rightly or wrongly) on candidate selection. Again, try to be honest and open in your answers. Thinking about these topics in advance will really help you on the day.


Do your best!


Don’t get run over playing Pokemon Go on the way to the interview.


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