Now, a robot recruiter can tell you how good your CV looks

Yes, you read that right. Times where you desperately wait for your friend or family member to proofread your CV is over. Now you can get it assessed by playing against a robot recruiter: the game is called the CV fighter. Robotics is rapidly changing the way we live and work, but now, it’s even changing the way we apply for jobs and the way candidates are recruited. Here’s how a robot changed the game. (Pun intended).

1.Gamification and Robotics

Firstly: ever heard of gamification?

If you haven’t, it’s the art of using advanced technologies to turn something so tedious into a stimulating and interactive experience. In other words, using digitalized games to make things (a lot) more fun.

An industry who has been importantly shaken by the use of gamification is the human resources. It only makes sense considering how today’s young adults have been introduced to this ecosystem since a very early age.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), there are 2 types of gamification:

  1. Structural Gamification – using gaming rewards such as badges, levels, implemented in job-related activities
  2. Serious Games – when a simulation is created for specific purposes

 Secondly: ever heard of robotics?

You obviously know, robotics is defined as a “branch of engineering that involves the conception, design, manufacture, and operation of robots”.

In the digital era of today, robotics is being used in a broad range of industries. Similar to gamification, robotics is used to ease long and dull processes that tend to be repetitive. But instead of making boring activities fun, it is typically used to accelerate processes and efficiency. This helps us differentiate both terms.

Robotics is changing industries in fundamental ways already. Did you know that within 120 years, robots will replace humans in all types of work? Today, robots are not only changing manufacturing processes but also industries including finance, marketing, medicine, agriculture and more.

2. Robotics and Recruitment

“As robots’ capabilities improve, the benefits they offer go beyond better/faster/cheaper. Companies are increasingly looking to robots as a way of boosting innovation, improving customer service, and differentiating their brands.”

Robotics is especially changing the way recruitment works.  You probably already heard about the use of robotics through candidate screening, as most recruitment businesses already use some form of automated technologies to improve efficiency – but now robots are even better.

As it takes forever and a day to apply for jobs, to build an outstanding CV for recruiters to read (it goes for both ends of the spectrum), and basically doing the whole job search process – it only seems right to bring robotics in the picture.

Besides, robots are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It would be a shame not to use them.

Here are examples of advantages that arise when implementing robotics into recruitment processes:

– Time saving

– Improves quality

– Enhances candidate experience

– Insights and analytics

3.The creation of CV fighter

In this context, robotics is used to make a tedious process into a stimulating experience – just like gamification.

Now: Here’s an example of how CV fighter works.

First, you select your opponent, such as:

CV Fighter Robot Recruiter

Then, you select your character:

CV Fighter Robot Recruiter

Once you’ve chosen your character, you need to:
1.Select your job
2. Upload your CV

CV Fighter Robot Recruiter

Finally, the robot recruiter will tell you how you should perfect your CV by adding skills such as:

CV Fighter Robot Recruiter

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Now, here’s the deal:

1.Humans are competitive. They like to challenge themselves.

2.Not all humans enjoy spending time perfecting their CV – actually, perhaps none of them do.

This is where the magic happened.

This game lets users know what in-demand skills they are lacking to be ‘on top’ for their selected job. All this information is assessed while being stimulated by what’s happening on the computer screen. Indeed, there is no better way to get important career information through games. Using gamification is also a brilliant way to earn recognition.

To conclude, the importance of gamification and robotics is incredibly growing. And this is only the beginning. Both ‘Gamification’ and ‘Robotics’ are today’s business buzzwords…In result, it only seemed evident to implement a robot recruiter on our platform.

Now, what are you waiting for? See if your CV can beat the robot recruiter!

You’ll thank us later 😉

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