What are the public holidays in Hong Kong for 2018?

Experiencing post-holiday blues? Worry no more.

Hong Kong government has announced 17 public holidays for 2018 – with six long weekends to look forward to. In a city that never sleeps, it’s nice being able to look forward to so many days off. Busy Hong Kong workers, did you start planning your well-deserved vacations?

Now, 17 public holidays is a lot. But we’re not as ‘bad’ as Sri Lanka: counting 29 public holidays this year! Sri Lankans can thank their country’s many recognized religions…

But believe it or not, some facts behind the public holidays in Hong Kong are quite demeaning.

Did you know that your office cleaner works on public holidays without salary or leave compensation? Because, apparently, there are two different types of public holidays in Hong Kong: public and statutory. Certain workers in the “blue-collar” jobs have 12 statutory holidays out of the 17 public holidays. In other words, while you’re enjoying your long weekend in Vietnam with your friends, others are busy working.

Here are the 17 public holidays for this year:

-1st of Jan: The 1st day of January
-16-18 Feb: Chinese New Year
-30 & 31st March: Good Friday & The day following Good Friday
-2nd of April: Easter Monday
-5th of April: Ching Ming Festival
-1st May: Labour Day
-22nd May: Buddha’s Birthday
-18 June: Tuen Ng Festival
-2nd July: The day following HKSAR establishment day
-25 Sep: The day following Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
-1 Oct: National Day
-17 Oct: Ching Yeung Festival
-25-26 Dec: Christmas

Now, public holidays obviously reflect significant events of a country’s history. But, understandably, many businesses complain that they’re disadvantageous for the economy and in result end up dreading them… On a positive note, they come in handy for busy workers who need that extra bit of rest. Taking time for yourself is healthy in many ways – and as mental wellness in the workforce seems to become an important concern in 2018, this is good news.

Otherwise, it’s necessary to mention that 2018 marks the year of the Dog: a year of “social change”, based on Feng Shui predictions. The Chinese astrology sign of the Dog symbolizes intelligence and protection. Whether you believe in Chinese astrology or not, a dog is a man’s best friend…

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