November’s Top 10 Hottest Jobs in Hong Kong

November is a month full of opportunities. Reaching the end of the year, it might just be your time to shine. For this month, here are the top 10 hottest jobs with the most offers in Hong Kong.

1.Administrative Assistant

If the ‘Tap’ noise of keyboards is like music to your ears, then maybe you’ve got a future as an administrative assistant… The good thing is, when being an administrative assistant, you can be working anywhere from corporate to government agencies, offices, schools or others.

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A Sales representative actively seeks out and engages with existing and prospective customers. He has the key to developing and maintaining positive business and customer relationships.

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3.Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative is responsible for managing calls and responding to customer service inquiries. A CSR assesses each and every customer’s needs in order to achieve satisfaction.

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4.Software Developer

Also known as a computer programmer, this position is quite trendy in today’s digital era. A software developer installs, designs, tests and maintains software systems. Basically, a software developer is a computer science professional who is behind the magic that made all your favorite websites and apps happen.

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5.Customer Service Manager

A customer service manager takes ownership of customers’ issues and finds resolutions to problems. He provides excellent customer service support and sets a clear mission to achieve his goal.

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6.Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer has the skills to evaluate and develop electrical systems, products, and components. The electrical equipment that the engineer designs and manufacturers are used across a broad range of sectors such as building industry, transportation, manufacturing, and construction.

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If financial information makes you drool, then being an accountant really is for you. As an accountant provides financial information to management, researches and analyses accounting data, reports, etc…

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8.Project Manager

Evidently, a project manager is in charge of a specific project within a company…He plans, budgets, oversees and documents all aspects of the project in question, from A to Z. Project managers, pretty much like Administrative assistants, can work in a broad range of fields such as IT to Advertising, to HR to construction.

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9.Accounting Clerk

An accounting clerk provides accounting assistance, prepares bank deposits and statements.He prepares and maintains accounting documents and records in a timely manner. Basically, he ensures that his company’s daily accounting functions are effective.

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10.IT Support

Working in IT means supporting customers’ technical issues via email, phone or in person. Typically, IT support analysts can be employed in banks and financial service companies, electronic and software retailers, manufacturing firms and more.

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With these top 10 hottest jobs of the month, in such a broad range of industries, you have no excuse. What are you waiting for? Apply now!

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