Top 5 reasons why millennials want a career change

You might be perfectly content with your current job but when you are skimming through those emails and simply passing time on Linkedin, you suddenly get the message: “We are looking for candidates like you!”. Would you jump the bandwagon and take a chance on a career change?

Some of us may be anxious and worry about losing the stable life that we have already built around us but taking on a different type of work is no longer the new black in the real world.

A career change in fact is frequently desired by millennials that they would even go out of their pockets to quit their job to go travel the world. There are just so many rationales to go job hopping these days that nothing stops the young from doing so.

1. No room to grow and learn

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A Gallup poll has shown that when millennials feel disengaged in their work and unable to find meaning in what they do, it leads them to choose to exit the door before it’s too late. In reality, 6 in 10 millennials are open to new work opportunities.

2. “Devil” bosses

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An article published on Harvard Business Reviews has highlighted that bosses working their employees to the bone have often been cited as the main cause for workers to quit. So word of advice to fellow employers out there – don’t overlook your employees and be more understanding in the future!

3. Unlikely prospect to move up in the career ladder

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The Washington Post highlighted how the trend of “flattening”  has made it more unlikely for employees to move up the corporate ladder – owing to levels of bureaucracy being stripped out to improve efficiency and cut costs. This has become another major reason for youngsters to take up new work.

4. Lack of flexibility

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What’s different now is that millennials are striving for something more than what any regular job can provide for them – flexibility. In general, they want more flexible working hours and environment. Hence they tend to look for firms that compromise their needs. And with the tendency of millennials quitting their jobs continues to rise, companies will need to do more to adapt to incoming youngsters joining the workforce.

5. Unsatisfactory salary growth

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Salary continues to play a role in whether or not one stays in a job. Although millennials tend to prioritise values and work-life balance, promotion and salary growth still remain important factors for them to stay on.

Why you shouldn’t dismiss a new work opportunity

On the upside, a variety of experiences can help boost one’s skill set and expertise, eventually giving them more opportunities to move up in the career ladder. It can even demonstrate that the person is more adaptable to new and diverse environments.

Above all, Nikki Turberville of Michael Page Financial Services highlights: “Regularly moving jobs is a fantastic opportunity to explore the jobs market and develop your experiences in your chosen profession”. Changing positions would give you the prospect to discover the industry, people and company that suits your wishes!

So the next time a new opening is thrown to you, don’t just shove it under your door because it might be the perfect chance for you to grow and develop both as a person and a worker. Let go of the anxieties towards an uncertain future and instead think of the many wonderful possibilities that awaits before you. It may just be the right time for you to fly the nest and go for a career change!

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