March’s Top 10 Hottest Jobs in Hong Kong

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” ― Charles Dickens

Finally, the spring season has arrived – What’s in store for the job market this month?


 An office clerk typically spends time maintaining files and records; sorts and distributes incoming mail; and answers the phone to take messages or to redirect calls. He/she assists in office management and needs excellent communication skills.

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 As an accountant, your role is to gather and monitor financial data and prepare statements – be it monthly, quarterly or annually. To succeed as an accountant, it is required to have a good knowledge of accounting regulations and evidently good math skills – in addition to a very precise attention to detail.

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3.System Analyst  

 It goes without saying that a system analyst examines and evaluates current systems – with the ability to collaborate with the IT team to produce new systems.  As a system analyst, the knowledge on software developments and business information systems is absolutely crucial.

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4.Technical Support Manager   

 Usually, a technical support manager oversees the work of the engineering or IT team – to ensure that all jobs are within budget and on time. He/she implements improved processes and needs to recommend the necessary changes to satisfy their customer’s needs.

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5.Administrative Assistant  

When assisting in administration, your role is to handle queries and requests from senior managers, organizing appointments, planning meeting arrangements, preparing reports, etc. As an administrative assistant, you are required to have excellent oral and written communication skills.

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 When working in public relations, essentially, your role is to: develop PR strategies, press releases, speeches and general promotional material to ensure building positive relationships. You need good communication skills and a solid creativity!

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7.Relationship Manager

As a relationship manager, undoubtedly, you are required to build positive relationships with customers. Understanding your customer needs is a must – and to resolve any issues that can arise. You will need an excellent problem-solving attitude!

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8. System Engineer

As a Systems Engineer, your role is to manage and monitor all installed systems and their infrastructure. You are required to configure and test system management tools and maintain security strategies.

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9. HR Manager

An HR manager oversees recruiting, compensation and training concerns for the organization’s employees. They spend their time evaluating HR teams, determining training plans, support staff and managers on day-to-day issues, etc.

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10. Architect

As an architect, you are responsible for all projects from A-Z.  You ensure to deliver high quality, innovative and functional design in order to satisfy your client’s needs. You will need a very specific attention to detail, excellent drawing skills and much more.

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