My Job, my love – Happy Valentine’s Day Hong Kong!

Today, it would be wrong of me to blog about anything else but Love. I am of course going to be discussing Love of the most important thing in your life. That which you think about constantly, spend most of your time with, and flutter between the emotions of love and hate on a daily basis. Your job.

On Love’s greatest day, let’s explore the types of relationships we have with our jobs, in a bid to stir the passion in our work and the lust in our labour!

Soul Mate: 10 + years in your job

Well aren’t you lucky? You happen to have stumbled headlong into the perfect relationship. There must have been initial chemistry, a honeymoon period and then settling down into marital bliss. Ok, so not every day’s a breeze, but there’s enough mutual respect between you, your colleagues and your bosses that most issues can smoothed over. What’s important is you are all working together towards the same long term goals – a car, kids, I mean profitability, promotions……..

Going Steady: 5 – 10 years in your job

How could you live without each other? Sure, you’ve had your ups and downs, but you’ve both invested so much that there’s little chance something will come between you – love conquers everything afterall. What’s this about a 10 year itch? If you’re feeling stuck on a treadmill on the road to nowhere, then snap out of your boredom and head to the boardroom. That means start communicating with senior management regarding your next challenge at the company. It takes two to tango.

New Romance: 1 – 3 years in your job

Young love. A delicate thing. You’ve tested each other’s boundaries and figured out a mutually agreeable arrangement and you still feel passionate about what you are doing. Although you occasionally cast a glance towards other job adverts, you’d never act on it – this could be THE one. Now you’ve been well trained, your other half may be fearful of your future commitment levels, so be sure to keep your effort levels high and assure them of your affections on a regular basis.

Casual Fling: less than 6 months in your job

In such early stages, it’s really about getting to know one other without your mind being clouded by the daily excitement of something new. As long as you communicate openly and manage expectation levels, nobody will get hurt. Put in your best efforts, but if it turns out that this isn’t the right match, remember there are plenty more fish in the sea!


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