Is Your Job Sucking The Life Out of You? 5 Ways To Tell

Traditionally, life might have been a pretty rigid thing. Go to school, get good grades. Get into university, get good grades. Find a job, work to make the grade. Promotion. More money. Maybe have a family. Retire. Etc.

More recent generations have tried hard to disrupt this pattern in a positive way. But the professional ‘rat race’ is a tough beast to tame. Many people are left working 50+ hours every week, sometimes in a job that leaves them feeling less than fulfilled.

Here are a few tell-tale signs that you might need to start looking for a change of direction at work or in life;

  1. You Hate Mornings

If you’re passionate about what you do, then waking up daily should be more exciting than awful. Hangovers aside, you should really aim to have at least one thing going on during the day that you’re looking forward to! If you find it impossible find, then maybe consider leaving ASAP. Realistically it’s very when doing something g you don’t really like.

  1. You Live To Work, Not Work To Live

Yes, we all need to survive. Many people continue to in careers they don’t enjoy because they have bills to pay. That is both sensible and to be respected. However, it’s also true that we all only life once, so it’s important to look at life in a positive way. It might be that if you take a step back and think about your medium to long-term earning potential, then making a career change is actually a positive thing. Investing in a new skill or qualification whilst possibly requiring some near term budget tightening, may actually be much more lucrative as you approach the later years of your career when your earning potential should be the highest. If you really don’t feel you can leave your current job for financial reasons, then at least try to find some small way to reward yourself with the money you earn.

  1. Your Glass Is Half Full

Life is so much better when approached with enthusiasm and purpose. If you don’t enjoy what you spend the majority of your time doing then it’s hard to get, well…depressed! Not only do you deserve better for yourself, but if the spark within your soul is being extinguished at work, then this tends to impact those around you. Nobody could blame you for being more irritable, short-tempered or frustrated. But it’s your responsibility to address the reasons why. Changing jobs can literally change lives for the better. In the US, a Gallup poll showed that only 31.5% of people are actively engaged and involved at work. This could be taken to imply that around 70% of people don’t like what they do. Plenty of lives to change for the better across the pond then!

  1. You Live For The Weekends

We all enjoy a good time, but if the only thing keeping you going during the week is counting the hours before weekend, then maybe you need to stop loving for tomorrow and instead think more about how you might spend today.

  1. You Don’t Recognise Yourself

Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. If your job is getting you down, then the chances are that you already know it. If you are becoming or have already become someone you don’t really want to be, then it really is time to give yourself a chance to change things. With time and effort you can achieve many things. Getting yourself out of a negative work environment might be the first step. If you have a notice period, then it’s the perfect opportunity to clear your head, focus on what would make you happy and find that better version of yourself!

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