New Years Resolutions for the Job Seekers in 2016

With 2016 almost upon us now is the time to set high standards and expectations for our professional and personal lives. If this is your year to make a career change or to continue with your role of being one of the job seekers, start off strong, be consistent and most of all be accountable.

1. Resolve to target your job search.

Do you send out resumes like you are throwing them at the wall hoping one sticks? Now is the time to quit this approach, it looks bad on you when you apply for an opportunity where the only thing that is relevant in your experience is your cover letter. (Everyone’s cover letter is relevant and 95% of employers don’t read them).

Figure out exactly what you want from your next job, the duties you’d enjoy and the industry in which you’d like to work – then go for it. Personalise your resume, cater it to display any relevancy that you have. If you are not relevant for a job role then you may need to be a bit more creative with your search,

2. Network, Network, Network

Networking is the best way to locate those “hard to find” job opportunities and to set yourself apart from other job seekers. Employers view referrals as the top channel for quality talent.  This year make a commitment to focus on building up your network in person and through social media, be consistent with your follow-up with these contacts and keep them meaningful by offering something in return.

3.Always be positive

Being negative and pitiful never helps anyone accomplish anything, it can be the starting point to leverage yourself into doing great things. It can be difficult not to become discouraged the longer it takes someone to find an opportunity. Negativity will drain your enthusiasm and energy; employers will smell it from miles away. Use a support group of friends and family to keep you focused and grounded. Reward yourself regularly for the small victories.


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