Improve Employee Engagement with ICE

As a leader, manager or HR director, you need to know about ICE. No, not the one you use in your drinks. Did you really think that we were talking about frozen water here? ICE is the acronym for Initiative, Challenge, and Enthusiasm. Let me explain why this may just be the 3 keys to employee engagement success. 


You can’t force people to initiate projects or ideas. But you can make the environment more supporting and easier for them to express their minds. This includes:

-By allowing failure
Obviously, if you don’t express that it’s OK to fail, your employees will never even try initiating whatsoever.

-By expressing trust
By trusting your employees, you’re allowing them to initiate fearlessly. This is crucial.

-By giving feedback
Giving feedback is always positive – but when it comes to taking initiatives, it is important to show your employees that you appreciate their bold moves. This will help them initiating even more.


With challenges comes engagement. It is pretty clear – how can humans stay passionate if they do the same thing over and over again, with no progress?

-Challenges mean the possibility to evolve
Without a doubt, going through challenges means that employees feel they can use and test their strengths – and develop them to achieve more challenges.

-Challenges mean productivity
Being challenged means having to be more productive in a specific aspect.

-Challenges mean innovation
Once again, facing challenges means having to face new ideas, new ways of thinking – in other words, to go beyond any boundaries.


Enthusiasm especially happens when an employee can follow their interests and expose their strengths at the same time. Why not use regular assessments to determine what those interests are?

-Offer the opportunity for development
If employees increasingly understand they have the opportunity to climb up the ladder, enthusiasm will significantly grow. This can be done by offering training or upskilling.

Your employee needs to be assured that his or her work is meaningful to the business’s growth. Don’t expect enthusiasm if the meaningfulness isn’t expressed.

-Demonstrate good leadership skills
You know what they say, “It comes from the top”. If, as a leader, you aren’t engaged, enthusiastic or understanding (just to state a few), your employee will lack enough enthusiasm to thrive.

Employee engagement is highly discussed and argued today. Not everyone has the same perspective on this crisis. But if you use ICE, engagement can happen. It’s not that easy – but you should give it a shot.


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