How to Win the Miss Hong Kong Pageant


Can’t find a grad job? Considering entering a beauty pageant, as explained in my friend Denise’s blog post . Or you can consider concentrating on finding a rich boyfriend. (See how)

Before you apply for the Miss Hong Kong pageant, consider:

  1. Are you really pretty? If you’re not, you’re just gonna become a laughing stock. If you are not sure about the standard of beauty that the pageant is looking for, past winners Maggie Cheung, Lolita Chu, Michelle Reis make good references.
  2. Do you have good qualifications? Most contestants have a bachelor’s degree and some of them are even Cambridge, Harvard, LSE graduates. An eye-catching qualification makes you more memorable.
  3. Do you really want to enter the entertainment industry? Because you know it is… DARK. Plus it’s hard work.
  4. Can you handle pressure? The entertainment industry is CRUEL. You’ll be the gossip of the town. People and the media are meaner than you think. Your sudden fame will also mean lost privacy.
  5. Is there something you can… fix? Of course I am not saying plastic surgery, but maybe take a year to lose weight first? Or do you have crooked teeth that you should be getting braces? A nice smile is essential!
  6. Are you too young? Or too old?


10 tips for smoking the competition and become Miss Hong Kong


1. Act like you’re on the Truman Show

How to win the Miss Hong Kong pageant

Source: Huffington Post

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The Truman Show is a movie starring Jim Carrey, where he plays Truman, who is an unwanted child adopted by a TV director. The TV director makes a reality TV show out of Truman’s life. Everyone in Truman’s life – his mother, his wife, and his schoolmates etc are actors.

Be careful when you go out because you are being scrutinized by reporters and by the public who read gossip magazines. Even at home, make sure you close those curtains or there is a chance you will be photographed.

Don’t pick you nose in public, or force your boyfriend to carry your tiny Chanel bag for you!

Instead, what do you want to be seen doing in public? For example, the 2015 Miss Hong Kong Louisa Mak was photographed reading on the MTR, which shows that she is just like the rest of us, plus she knows how to make good use of time.

And you know you ARE kind of going to be on The Truman Show, since TVB likes to film contestants during their overseas training.


2. Be nice to the paparazzi: Smile and wave


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Speaking of being photographed in public, make sure you are nice to the paparazzi. You wanted to join the pageant, and the public is going to be interested in you during this period. Don’t raise that middle finger or swear. Be graceful, act natural. Smile and wave. 

As annoying as they may be, the paparazzi may get a super gorgeous photo of you.

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  1. Be friendly

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As mentioned above, you should act friendly to annoying paparazzi even though you may not be a nice person. You also need to be friendly to the other contestants. Because 1) you might win Miss Friendly – contestants vote for one another. 2)When a contestant answers a tricky question like “Who do you think does not deserve to be here”, you do not want her to pick you. 3) When a contestant answers a question like “If you were the judge, who you would pick to be the winner”, you would want her to pick you.

Moreover, your awesome personality must shine through. There are tons of beautiful women out there, and tons more who have bachelor degrees from prestigious universities. In order to truly represent Hong Kong in the Miss Universe Pageant, you should have a unique personality.


  1.  Prepare for the tricky questions

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Rewatch old Miss Hong Kong pageants and try to answer the questions yourself. If your answer is funny and witty, it will be more memorable. Read Apple Daily and Next Magazine for example – they are very funny. And read more books and magazines too – so your answers actually carry value and you appear to be learned, educated and high-class. A good answer will make you more memorable.

Not only will the judges assess how beautiful your face look, your poise, personality, humor, wit and of course, your body shape matter.

  1. Buff up!

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Your face may not be as stunning as the other contestants, and you can do nothing about it,  but you can win by having a HOT BOD. Dude you’re gonna be in a BIKINI, so you better werk dat body, biatch!

As a bonus, exercise helps you release all the stress you will have during this period. You can consider hiring a personal trainer who can coach you so you can have an effective workout!


  1. Eat healthy

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In addition to being your fittest self, you should avoid food that is going to ruin your voice. You need to sound confident, feminine and sweet.

Vanessa Cheung, a 2016 candidate, says in her vlog that she ate boiled meat and boiled vegetables to prepare for the competition, and she says when she got used to it, they tasted pretty good.  


7. Talent show – don’t do anything stupid

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So you don’t have any talent – that’s why you are entering a beauty pageant. 

Do something that is traditionally considered graceful – playing an instrument (piano, violin, Erhu etc) and dancing. Singing – meh, unless you really can sing. If your performance is like going to karaoke, you’re out! Some cool alternatives are Chinese calligraphy, magic show (only if it’s really good, please!! Don’t embarrass yourself.)

Don’t cook – lol. If you can make good latte art – go ahead.

Monologue – don’t do a TVB soliloquy. Do a Shakespearean one if you must. But only if you don’t have a strong Cantonese accent.

Don’t do a catwalk. Just because you can walk doesn’t mean you can catwalk. DUH!!!!!!!!!


8. When asked about your aspiration, say actress or MC or you want to contribute to the entertainment industry.

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Because 1) everyone knows you’re here for the entertainment industry. I mean, if you join the pageant to be a nutritionist? Really? Then why are you here?

2) Don’t say you want to be a “successful person” – this is even worse. This vague expression shows you have no aspirations at all.


9. Don’t lie

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Don’t lie about anything – on the day, during the audition, or during media interviews. The public is interested in you and will dig out everything they can about you. Don’t ruin your reputation by lying about your qualifications or past experience.


10. Be confident and natural in front of the audience and camera

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A lot of contestants are nervous and the awkwardness really shows on TV. We understand that you are nervous. But if you appear natural in front of the cameras, you will earn the public vote and you’ll appear to be a better candidate than the rest of the nervous bunch.

Remember, you don’t have to be the champion – Suki Chui didn’t even make the top 3 and she was still the most memorable contestant in her cohort because of her pretty face. She was signed by TVB and eventually married to a rich husband.

Maggie Cheung, probably one of the most famous actress in Hong Kong, was only 1st runner up. She looks even more beautiful as she gets older, don’t you think?


Alternatively, just in case you don’t win the beauty pageant, you can still find plenty of jobs at Jobable. 

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