2017 Hong Kong Chief Executive Election – Which Candidate Deserves The Job?

On March 26th 2017, the election of Hong Kong’s next Chief Executive will take place. Right now, the four candidates  (Woo Kwok-hing 胡國興, Regina Ip 葉劉淑儀, Carrie Lam 林鄭月娥 and John Tsang 曾俊華 ) are battling to secure the minimum of 150  votes they need from the election committee in order to get through to the main vote. The question is, who will get the top job?

In the race to become Hong Kong’s next Chief Executive, even though the Hong Kong public are not entitled to vote directly, the four candidates have been actively trying to gain public support for their policy positions. It’s not exactly like a job interview, but the media spotlight does force the candidates to justify their views and explain how they will impact Hong Kong for the better if elected. Each candidate knows that the winner of this election will have a much easier time in the post if they enjoy at least a basic level of public affection.

However, despite all the attention, it’s important that the public understand not only the words that the candidates speak in the media now they are seeking the Chief Executive post, but also what experience each candidate will be bringing to office. What has each of them achieved in the past? What of their academic records? Their contributions to Hong Kong? In the contest for almost any other job, candidates would be judged, at least in part, on the strength of their CV.

So let’s take a look at the CV of each election candidate so that we can make a more informed judgment on those seeking to lead Hong Kong as Chief Executive for the next five years.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Election Candidates
The profiles of the four candidates for Hong Kong’s Chief Executive election 2017.

Election 2017 – Candidate Summary


Woo Kwok-hing

The retired judge was the first to announce his candidacy in October 2016. His last appointment was as the deputy judge of the Court of First Instance. He aims towards quasi-universal suffrage over the next 25 years.

Ip Lau Suk-Yee

Has served in government roles since the 1970’s and broken ground multiple times for females in such positions. The first woman to be made Secretary for Security and Director of Immigration. Criticised for her handling of the Article 23 bill when she was security minister, which led to 500,000 people protesting on the streets. However, remains a well respected politician.

Tsang Chun-Wah

John Tsang, is possibly the best known of the four candidates given his public presence over the past 8 years as Financial Secretary, his love of blogging, and his unmistakeable moustache. Delayed his campaign announcement for a month after resigning his government post, but has a clear advantage on social media channels.

Lam Cheng Yuet-Ngor

Carrie Lam has acted as the current Chief Executive’s number two since CY Leung was elected to office in 2012. Seems to hold favour with pro-Beijing advocates. Has made a couple of recent campaign mis-steps including stories of not being able to find toilet paper, but she remains a highly experienced and credible adversary.

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