Here’s why you should look into government jobs

Based on Universum, an important number of undergraduate students in Hong Kong share the same dream: working for the government. In fact, the number 1 employer in 2017 was the HKSAR government, coming before tech giant Google and MTR Corporation!

Not to mention that the top employer in the United States is also… the government. Did you know that an astonishing 22.3 million people work for the U.S government? (This includes public workers.) Additionally, 1 in 5 people work for the government in the UK.   Now, these are important numbers to take note of.

Based on a 2015 market insight, Hong Kong graduates are determined to work for the government as long as the employer:

– Offers work-life balance

– Supports risk-taking

– Rewards creativity

– Encourages entrepreneurial diversity

– Embraces diversity

 Sound any familiar?

Are you thinking…Millennials needs and desires in the workplace? You’re right 😉

And guess what?  Government functions do offer these. It might be hard to imagine, but working for the government has changed noticeably in 2018. Here are the reasons why you should consider government jobs, as a Millennial or not:

1.You will have an impact on people’s lives

As you probably know, Millennials are not ones only looking for cash – they seek for a more meaningful purpose through their jobs. Working for the government essentially means having an impact on your fellow citizens’ lives and changing your community for the better.

Can you imagine how good it must feel? Being part of the improvement of lives of others?

Not to mention that in any job you choose to take, you affect the lives of those around you and your country in some way…

2.You will have the opportunity to accelerate your career growth

Who doesn’t want that?

Government jobs all share a common trait: they all give their employees’ chances to get promoted once they are in. Not all industries have this opportunity. So why not take the chance?

3.You will build a very powerful network

Building a good contact network is obviously essential, for any given job in any given industry. But here lies the silver lining of working in the government: you will have the chance to mingle with senators, judges and more. Thanks to the vast amount of very high-profile government jobs present.

4.You will have a good work/life balance

Indeed, you won’t have the flexibility that employees have in start-ups. I mean, at the end of the day, working in the government means working in a bureaucracy. Don’t expect spending your 9-to-5 day in a co-working space filled with table footballs, bean bags and 5pm beers.

But surprisingly enough, you will have a good work/life balance if you land a government job.

Telecommuting and alternative work schedules are common – and the good news is, government organizations are starting to implement the trend of mobile workforce, providing facilities and equipment they didn’t before.

5.You will work in a stable environment

There will always be government jobs. It’s not like the government will ‘run out of business’. You don’t have to be afraid of instability.

6.You will have more benefits

Government benefits exceed private sector benefits.  These include better retirement and health care plans that are at lower cost. Government benefits are way better.

This article focuses primarily on why you should look into government jobs. But, as you know, there are always cons, no matter the job or the industry. Let’s not underestimate them:

1.You need to be hired

No wonder… But to land a government job, you need extreme patience and persistence. The process is long. In Hong Kong, here are the different requirements:
(for more information have a look at the government’s official website.)

*Submit application form

*Written examinations

*Language proficiency

*Assessment of Basic Law Knowledge

2.You need (a lot) of patience

Did I mention it yet in the hiring process? You will need patience in general if you choose this career path. The smallest decisions can take the most time… Thanks to the bureaucracy’s complex processes, you can’t expect changes to happen too quickly.

3.You need to be good at stress management

Patience, persistence, and a very good control of your stress are necessary when working in the government. Don’t ever neglect that working in the government also means working in an environment affected by politics. Be ready.

4.You will not become extraordinarily wealthy

 Of course, it depends how you define “wealthy”, but chances are, your starting salary will be the same as if you were working in the private sector. Your government salary will not make you extremely rich.

That being said, whether we talk about the pros or the cons, you can make a difference with a government job.

Now, working for the government means you have countless amounts of doors open. You can be an accountant or even a chef… And, speaking of government jobs, you’re lucky that we have so many available at the moment! Here are a few categories, to name a few:

        1. Accounting
        5.Summer Internships

Working in the government opens so many doors – and also to people with disabilities. In India, they have opened government jobs to ones with learning disabilities, including autism, down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, specific learning disabilities and more.

Disability rights activist Javed Abidi said, “It is a paradigm shift for India. This is the first time we are including intellectual disabilities and going beyond the traditional definition of disability.”

This frame of mind should be seen across the world by now…

In Hong Kong, it seems that people are still to close-minded on the matter. Disabled individuals do not get the same attention here. In fact, in 2017, Alfred C. M. Chan, Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission, declared: “Encouraging more people with disabilities, who are capable of working, to join the labour force can lift some of the financial burden on society. And, as the workforce continues to shrink as a result of population ageing, any measure to stretch it should be welcome.”

To wrap it up, it’s safe to say that either if you focus on the positive side, the negative side, the countless amounts of opportunities or the lack of open-mindedness towards disabilities – at the end of the day, only you will know what decision there is to take.

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