Get ready for 2018’s new job search rules

As 2018 has arrived, many changes have aroused. Indeed, this also includes the changes in your mindset. (Surely you are thinking about the “New year new me” thing…) Well done for that ;).
Seriously speaking, the ways in which you will look for the job of your dreams will be different this year. In fact, they already are. It’s essential to delve into 2018’s differences in order for you to be better prepared.

Here are this year’s new job search rules, for you to bear in mind!:

2018's new job search rules

1.Emphasise your ‘Top Skills’

This year, the skills that employers are looking for are drastically changing. Considering this important change, LinkedIn just added a feature that notifies members of what skills are trending among the people with their job title.

This illustrates a big change in thinking. Instead of constantly concentrating on the job title, job searchers will emphasize on their skills, which will undoubtedly broaden their job options. And for those who will seek to learn or perfect existing skills, there has never been such a vast number of online courses platforms out there, such as: udemy, coursera, Lynda and more.

Today, you have no excuses.

Speaking of skills, Survey Monkey CEO Zander Lurie affirms the soft skill that should be most trendy this year is ‘Curiosity’, also as artificial intelligence is getting importantly smarter. In other words, curiosity is a trait that is definitely more valued than you think. It only makes sense when thinking about the innovative changes that will surround us more and more everyday…How could they work with unengaged human beings?

Now, you know what to emphasize on your CV. Start working on these skills!

2.Be ready to face modernized types of interviews

As artificial intelligence is now (seriously) in the picture, many aspects of recruitment are obviously changing. This includes the ways of interviewing candidates, too – be prepared to face completely new video interviews.

It’s only right to mention HireVue here – a successful platform for AI video-screening interviews.

Here’s how it works:

2018's new job search rules
Richard Feloni’s simulated image when using HireVue.

The website uses a combination of facial and voice recognition softwares along with a ranking algorithm that will identify which candidate resembles most the ideal candidate. Now it might make the candidate feel a bit uncomfortable at first, seeing his/her face on the screen, but it saves a huge amount of time and hassle for the employer.
Richard Feloni’s simulated image when using HireVue.

That being said, it doesn’t mean all employers are using the video-screening technique yet.
But it surely is being increasingly considered. So be ready…

3.Feel the omnipresence of AI

2018's new job search rules

Artificial Intelligence sparks fear, excitement, curiosity and so much more. But in 2018, the rise of AI is inevitable – whether you like it or not.

In terms of job search, be ready to almost only use AI-powered recruiting softwares. Even Google launched one called ‘Google for jobs’. Don’t worry: through artificial intelligence tools, your job search will be so much easier.


Artificial Intelligence facilitates your job search as it helps to define exactly what factors you want in your new job.

Also, AI permits job seekers to find opportunities that they wouldn’t have found in the first place.

This year, don’t be surprised if your CV is being screened or even if your CV can beat a robot recruiter. Who knows what AI has in store…

To conclude, this year, you should emphasize on skills that will allow you to find the best and most relevant jobs while taking into consideration the newest technologies. It’s crucial to understand the technologies of today, for any employer out there. Besides, if you don’t, there are tons and tons of courses that will help you gain the skills you need!

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