Does Feng Shui Work In The Office?

For those of you who don’t know what Feng Shui (‘Wind Water’) is, it’s an ancient Chinese belief that the way your house is built or the way that you arrange your objects affects your success, health, and happiness.    But does Feng Shui work in the office?

Believe it or not, if you want to clear your mind… You got to start by clearing your stuff. Clutter blocks positive energy. Clear your clutter and organize your surrounding (be it in your bedroom, living room or workplace) to implement the Feng Shui habits and incorporate stress relievers.

It’s more important than you think – as you spend 1/3 of your life in your working space, it should be as clear and as organized as possible to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency while at work. Think of it as an expression of natural energies. Who doesn’t need successful energy vibes in the domain of their career?

1. Depends on how you apply the principles

Feng Shui works with 2 main different schools. They both use the “Bagua”: defined as the energy map of your house.
For example, each area of your home (in this case, in your office) are connected with specific areas of your life.

A. Classical Feng Shui Bagua
Uses form and landscapes, compass, calculations, the “Lo Shu” square and the “Bagua”.

In the classical Chinese Feng Shui, the Bagua is aligned by the actual compass direction of the front door. It is believed that with the use of classical Feng Shui, you can use ‘remedies’ to help treat problems.

(For example, when using the classical Feng Shui Bagua, use a photo of loved ones to represent love on the South West side of your desk – and use a plant to represent health on the East side of your table.)

B. Black Hat Feng Shui
Although developed in the US in the 80s, Black Hat Feng Shui combines Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, and classical Feng Shui. In Black Hat Feng Shui, everything relates to the wall where your front door is located. It may be an easier Feng Shui school to apply. It is also considered to be more ‘spiritually-oriented’. With Black Hat Feng Shui, you can (apparently) “cure” problems.

No matter which Feng Shui school you choose, as long as you believe in it and are committed to it enough, you will see results. You just need to have faith in the process and apply the techniques accordingly!

2. Your desk’s material, shape, and color tell a lot

It goes without saying that your desk is the most crucial bit of your workplace. In fact, if you’re feeling unproductive – blame it on your desk, too.

Make sure its material, shape, and color are in sync. Here is how the energy differs depending on your desk’s material:

Wood: Solid, supportive, reliable and long-lasting – good for most job functions

Metal: Shape, penetrating, concentration but can be draining to body

Glass: Revealing, energy passes through glass quickly

Also depending on the shape:

Rectangle: ideal for individual work – helps you concentrate

Circle: good for brainstorming and creativity – ideal for groups

Curved: Trouble concentrating? Curved shapes make you concentrate better. The convex bits while keep others from disturbing you.

 And the color:

Concentration and open-mindedness

Clarity and discipline

Aids focus, similarly to white

Green: Creative and nourishing

Red: Too strongly activating

Brown: Comfort and nourishment

For example, a wooden, curved gray table will help for anyone who is prone to deconcentrating.

3.Nature in the office symbolizes success

In Feng Shui practices, harmony with nature is the most essential – no matter where you are in your home or office. It’s a necessity to always be mindful of the air you breathe. Mindful breathing makes people less anxious and more successful in the long term – it takes your mind off your thoughts and worries.

For instance, taking a deep breath inside a room full of plants will be nicer than taking a breath in an air full of pollution.  In the workplace, maintain houseplants or open windows – depending on the Feng Shui school principals you want to apply, place the plant in function.

If using the classical Bagua, place the plant on the East side of your desk, as mentioned previously. On the contrary, if using the Black Hat Bagua, make sure the plant is placed accordingly with the front door.

The reason the use of plants is so important in Feng Shui is that of their power to bring ‘alive energy’ in places of productivity.  They are necessary for life, improve air quality, create a positive energy and can even physically heal, thanks to its toxins.

To conclude, the better the energy in your desk, the better quality your own energy. This is how you can define Feng Shui at work. It only seems right to implement Feng Shui practices in a place like your desk – it’s where your career growth happens. Feng Shui is essentially a way to find relief from stress and negative energies – why wouldn’t you use it?

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