February’s Top 10 Hottest Jobs in Hong Kong

February has arrived! Some are counting the days until Valentine’s Day…Others, till the Chinese New Year celebrations…Both are just around the corner. But what does that mean for the job market?

Maybe it’s your time to find the true love (job) of your life!

Here are February’s top 10 jobs in Hong Kong:


A typical day in the life of a sales representative consists in selling retail products, goods and/or services to customers. People in sales seek what their customers want and create solutions based on their desires. The customer is always right: you will need to be friendly 😉

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2.Project Manager

A project manager ensures each project is delivered on a timely manner and within budget. The project’s performance is measured using the appropriate tools. The project manager also has to manage the relationship with the client and has to ensure minimizing risks.

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3.Business Development

 A business development professional is responsible for:

– identifying new sales leads

– pitching products/services

– maintaining relationships with clients

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Do you enjoy receiving visitors and greeting them? A receptionist spends his time welcoming visitors, taking calls and offering administrative support across the organization. You will need a good smile 😉

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5.Business Analyst

As a business analyst, your role is to define reports, develop relationships with partners, communicate key insights and essentially deliver better value to your customers. You will need to express your (written and verbal) communication skills!

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6.Marketing Manager

A marketing manager spends his time developing strategies to drive the most traffic to the company; executes marketing campaigns; takes care of content creation and is in charge of the marketing budget and performance of a campaign.

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7.Software Engineer

Software engineers ensure the functionality of software systems, upgrade existing systems, write well-designed codes, develop software verification plans, and more.

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8.Executive Assistant

Want to become indispensable? An executive assistant works closely with high-level executives – in other words, makes sure to provide top-level assistance. An executive assistant is trusted with more complex duties.

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9.Finance Manager

Being a finance manager means providing financial reports, strategies, and essentially maintaining the financial health of the company. A finance manager is responsible for managing the company’s budget.

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10.Product Manager

As a product manager, you get to deliver innovative products to ensure the company’s business stays relevant and competitive. You are responsible for conducting the appropriate market research and prioritize product opportunities.

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