How Interviews can Affect an Employer’s Brand Image

Nowadays, at this competitive global marketplace, attracting and retaining the right talent is essential to company growth. According to LinkedIn’s 2016 Recruiting Trends report 87% of those surveyed stated that Employer’s Brand Image was a top priority for their organisation.

Two statistics illustrate exactly why this should be the case.

69% of job applicants said that the interview experience was a main factor in them deciding whether or not to join a company. An interview experience can reflects your company culture, the value of your employees etc. Most importantly, the process of determining to join the company or not goes both ways. So, it’s clear that interview experiences do have an impact on attracting talents. Perhaps this is obvious.

Potentially more revealing is the statistic that 69% of job applicants who had a negative experience during an interview process said that they were less likely to buy the product or services of the company. Brand image is the key driver of brand equity, which refers to consumer’s general perception and feeling about a brand and has an influence on customers behaviour.

With social media sharing at an all-time high, these individuals are certainly not going to be keeping these negative experiences to themselves! Having a negative brand image will decrease the customers’ satisfaction thus customers’ loyalty and further affect on the marketing strategies of the brand.

This shows that brand image can significantly impact your bottom line. Given the statistics above it’s obviously important for HR & Recruitment teams to make the case to everyone involved in a recruitment process that each candidate’s experience really does matter.


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