Earth Day: What Can You Do To Help?

"Everyday can make a difference."

Since Earth Day is coming soon, we examine what can be done to save the planet – directly from your office. As you may know already, typical office equipment is a major source of pollution and waste. Let’s take this occasion to see what can be done to work in a “greener” environment.

1.Determine your energy consumption

Not that it’s something we think about every day. But for Earth Day, determining your energy consumption is the first step to making a difference. In other words, shedding light on how “ungreen” you are. It will also importantly reduce your costs.

Here are 3 different ways you can calculate your consumption:

Let’s be more vigilant…

2. Have a paper-free day

This shouldn’t be too challenging considering how today’s work is literally almost 100% digital – right?

3.Switch your lights off

Pretty self-explanatory… What they call “overhead lighting” uses the most electricity in typical commercial buildings. Obviously, as you will need light to work in the long term, maybe you should consider using dimming lights – they reduce the use by 83%!

4.Start using small sonar panels!

You read that right! Instead of recharging your broad range of digital devices with typical chargers, why not try small solar chargers while you’re having your lunch break outside? They save you money and they can charge your equipment with no dependency on electric outlets whatsoever.

5.Use a laptop instead of a desktop computer

Laptops are much more energy-efficient. Also, they use fewer materials for their production. In this Earth Day, go ahead and only work from your laptop.

6.Recycle old equipment

According to the Environmental Protection Department, Each year, Hong Kong households and corporates throw away more than 70,000 tonnes of waste computers and waste electrical and electronic equipment. Some of these items are still in good working condition and could be put to second-hand use.”

Once again, we forget that we own so much old equipment that is still functional – why not donate it to schools or organizations? Have a look here for anything you would like to donate or participate in.

7. Work remotely, if you can!

On this Earth Day, working from home may be your “greenest” move.  Just think for a second how your carbon footprint will be minimized; not to mention your consumption of coffee and food at work which is almost always wrapped in plastic. Especially here in Hong Kong…

To wrap it up, no matter if you’re at work or at home this Earth Day, it’s essential to start thinking and acting sustainably. Small changes will make a difference.

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