Having a Dog at Work: The Proven Solution to Your Problems

Nothing beats having a dog at home -but did you ever think of having one at work?

Here’s the good news: pet-friendly offices are seriously becoming a thing.

Did you know that 4,000 dogs are registered to come with their owners at the headquarters of Amazon? Now that’s a lot of fluffiness to handle. Also, in tech giants like Google, employees’ affection for their ‘canine friends’ are part of their corporate culture.

Furthermore, in a study gathered by psychologists at the Central Michigan University, individuals were placed into groups of four, with and without dogs. Each member was charged with a fake crime. “In groups with dogs, members were 30% less likely to report each other suggesting dogs promote cohesion and trust among team workers. A further study found team members of groups with dogs rated each other more highly on measures of intimacy, team cohesion and trust than members of groups where dogs were not present.”

Why? More research has shown that the man’s best friend can significantly improve:

  • Staff productivity

Just to remind you, only 62% of workers are engaged at work – according to Small Business. It is proven that a new way to increase productivity is to promote pet-friendly working environments.

  • Wellbeing in the workplace

Does this really need any explanation? Just imagine for a second, having a canine colleague walking around your office during your 9-5 job…

  • Stress levels, heart rate, and blood pressure

A dog is also your heart’s best friend. It is scientifically proven that dog ownership is associated with a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease. Also, playing with a dog reduces stress by up to a third.

Simply, any affectionate creature is known to bring huge emotional benefits.

The SPCA of Hong Kong believes that “through the proper integration of animals into the workplaces, both humans and pets can greatly benefit while respecting the space of non-animal lovers too.”

  • Positive Behaviors

Employees appear friendlier and happier when surrounded by a dog at work. The atmosphere is a lot more pawsitive 😆

Additionally, allowing dogs in the workplace “can make employees think better of the company for offering this benefit” says Colarelli, one of the psychologists of the Central Michigan University study, “yet it can cost employers literally nothing.”

“When animals are introduced to a workplace their welfare must be placed first and foremost, because at the end of the day, we don’t want to stress the animal out!” – SPCA, Hong Kong

The place must have good circumstances  – and the dog needs to be well trained in order to avoid causing drama at the office… No working individual will be happy with an aggressive dog.

Unfortunately, Hong Kong can seem as an unfriendly environment for our canine friends. They are very often banned from several places, including parks…😥

It’s really a shame when shedding light on all benefits that come with having a pet or simply interacting with one. It helps so many of life’s troubles – just look at how dogs have helped humans for centuries!

Here, we can thank the SPCA in Hong Kong who is working hard to make more pet-friendly spaces happen!

“We will continue to work with various stakeholders in society and members of the public to work towards creating a harmonious society for both humans and animals as well as more pet-friendly spaces.”

Now, it’s maybe not made for everyone, but it’s at least something to think about…

Here’s the most efficient way of boosting employee morale!

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