December’s Top 10 Hottest Jobs in Hong Kong

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the job openings are so delightful…”

For the last month of 2017, there are plenty of opportunities in store for you. The holiday season is full of celebrations and new beginnings.  Here are December’s top 10 hottest jobs in HK.


When working in sales, maintaining positive business and customer relationships is the most essential. In sales, the office hours are spent by working closely with customers to answer to all their questions and to satisfy their needs.

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Is your attention to detail important? Do you have good communication skills and the ability to concentrate for long periods of time? Maybe a Clerk job is one made just for you.  A clerk spends his time gathering information by phone, email or in person, researches for projects for managers, updates databases, and more.

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Do you like financial information and transactions? Numbers? And… more numbers?
As an accountant, providing financial information, researching accounting reports, documenting financial transactions and maintaining accounting controls will be part of your responsibilities.

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4.Project Manager

A project manager has for responsibility to oversee all aspects of a specific project from A to Z. Project managers can work in a variety of fields such as IT, HR and more. The project manager plans, budgets and oversees the whole of the project.

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5.Business Development

Business development consists in building business relationships and understanding client needs. Responsibilities include collaborating with sales to secure and grow accounts, develop targeted sales strategies, and basically coordinating business generation activities.

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A receptionist greets and welcomes visitors, as well as directing and instructing them. He maintains telecommunications and maintains security.

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As a secretary, you support and assist your colleagues and executives by planning and distributing information. You are the point of reference for all requests. A secretary’s day in the life revolves around answering calls, managing meetings, updating information and more.

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8.Marketing Manager

A marketing manager implements marketing techniques, analyses market trends, identify target markets and more. Put simply, as a marketing manager, your role is to ensure you satisfy your customer’s needs while making sure you maximize the profits of your company.

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9.Sales Engineer

A sales engineer needs to have a good grasp on all technical details that make a company’s software work and that helps solving problems. He also evaluates data and makes sure to generate high-quality sales leads.

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10. Business Analyst

A business analyst has a huge role in a company. He identifies all problems, needs and opportunities for a business’s improvement. After determining which tasks need to be achieved, he then designs new features of an IT system and implements them.

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