Cryptocurrencies: What They Are and What Job Opportunities Arise

Our times and money have changed: cryptocurrencies are now in the game.

Today, we hear so much about cryptocurrency, Blockchain and bitcoin. Be it on our social media platforms or on the news, we are constantly surrounded by these buzzwords. But do you really know what Cryptocurrencies are? And what job opportunities arise from them?

Cryptocurrencies: Defined

According to Investopedia,  cryptocurrency is “a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security.” Contrarily to traditional currencies, cryptocurrency isn’t backed by a government or a bank.

Take a guess: Tech Skills are essential

This is pretty much a no-brainer: if you have a particular passion for cryptocurrencies, you will need sharp tech skills.

Jobs in Cryptocurrencies

1. Business Development
As with any industry, it is always a necessity to use Business Development representatives who seek out relationships, partnerships and deals. A Business Developer has good communication skills and at least some experience in Sales.

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2. Data Science
Once again, pretty obvious why you would need data science in cryptocurrencies… Also, as it is a new and sometimes misunderstood field, data scientists are the ones behind the magic. In other words, the ones who analyze transaction data.

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3.Financial  Analyst
As a Financial Analyst, your role is to recommend and develop investment strategies, evaluating risks etc. For cryptocurrency-oriented jobs, you will need acute mathematical, analytical and computer skills.

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4. Research Analyst
Research Analysts are very demanded in the Cryptocurrency world. Your strategic thinking, data analysis capabilities, communication skills combined with a good understanding of the cryptocurrency industry will make you shine.

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5. Marketing Manager
Any shape or form of business needs a marketing manager… Who else will monitor trends, develop strategies, maximize their profits? As a Marketing Manager, you need to be both creative and analytical. Not to mention a lot of experience in Advertising/Marketing/Sales.

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And guess what?

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If you’re crazy about Cryptocurrency, Blockchain or bitcoin… What are you waiting for?


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