The Best and Worst Kinds of Co-workers

The co-workers you find annoying at work… BUT ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?
  1. The Harvard Grad who can’t stop talking about where he graduated. “Hello! I graduated from Harvard, and my name is Jason!” “Oh, back in Harvard …”
  2. The CEO’s son’s brother’s second cousin’s daughter. “Watch your attitude. Don’t you know who I am?”
  3. The colleague who has lots of snacks but never shares.
  4. Even worse than the one above, the colleague who always takes snacks from others WITHOUT ASKING.
  5. The colleague who never brings any food to work/ offer to buy snack/ never brings food even when back on a vacation.
  6. The “foodie” who brings EXPIRED food to work.
  7. The girl in a miniskirt cutting the line at the coffee machine. The army of interns (us) haven’t finished making our coffee. And what was that look on your face?
  8. The miser who never pays when going out for a group lunch.
  9. The woman who talks about nothing but her boyfriend.
  10. The nerd who has a scary sci-fi ringtone that makes you jump every time.
  11. Mr Know-it-All : The colleague who pretends he knows everything but does absolutely nothing.
  12. The smelly colleague who needs to wear deodorant.
  13. The co-worker who is always “sick”.
  14. The co-worker who is always not here when the boss is not here.
  15. The colleague who always farts.
  16. The sleepy co-worker who always yawns and make weird loud noises when yawning.
  17. The colleague who always bursts out laughing.
  18. The colleague who is always super loud on the phone.
  19. The girl who always wears really sexy clothes at work.
Colleagues who are the best:
  1. The colleague who is always prepared has EVERYTHING in her locker– tea bags, eye drops, instant coffee, protein powder….
  2. The colleagues who are your best friends – you make coffee and eat lunch with them every day, you tag each other in memes and you guys are gonna start a company in the future soon! 
  3. The moo who has 4 cats and a big heart.
  4. The K-drama fan who can talk about Korean drama with you ALL DAY LONGGGGGG. (Setting the Slack channel purpose: kdrama gossips only!)
  5. The buddy who you leave the office with every day! 


How to be a better colleague:
  1. Take a genuine interest in your co-workers and remember their hobbies and interests.
  2. Ask them how their weekend is.
  3. Talk to them once in a while.
  4. Compliment them – whether it is what they are wearing or the great project they did.
  5. Hang out together during after work, go trampolining, go to the gym together. BONDING TIME!
  6. Be sensitive – if your colleague seems to be having a bad day, ask him if he’s ok.
  7. Be a gentleman – hold the door for the ladies. (Hong Kong and Chinese men don’t tend do that and it’s SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ).
  8. Guys, don’t, EVER, say comment on your female co-worker’s hair, unless it is a compliment. (“Hey Mary, your hair looks really untidy. Did you comb your hair?”)

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