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HK Chief Executive Election Candidates 2017

2017 Hong Kong Chief Executive Election – Which Candidate Deserves The Job?

On March 26th 2017, the election of Hong Kong’s next Chief Executive will take place. Right now, the four candidates  (Woo Kwok-hing 胡國興, Regina Ip 葉劉淑儀, Carrie Lam 林鄭月娥 and John Tsang 曾俊華 ) are battling to secure the minimum of 150  votes they need from the election committee in order to get through to the main vote. The question is, who will get the top job?

5 Questions That Job Interviews Are All About

On average, job interviews last for 40 minutes. This means there is only a short window of opportunity for a candidate to make a good impression on an interviewer. However, it also means that there is equal if not greater pressure on the interviewer in this small amount of time, to ask the right questions in order to gather all the information they need in order to assess whether the person sat in front of them is a viable hire.

Job Interview Red Flags

7 Red Flags to look for in a Job Interview

Don’t feel great after a job interview? It might not be about you. It’s very possible that your interviewer is at fault. Much like candidates, interviewers are also being assessed in an interview. They represent the organisation and give a strong and lasting impression on what it would be like to work for the company. You can tell a lot about an organisation from the way your interviewer treats you, the kind of questions they ask and the way they talk about their organisation. Here are some significant...

Don’t feel great after a job...

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6 Questions NOT to ask in a Job Interview

Interview Duration If you ask when you are able to leave an interview it shows you are definitely not respecting the interviewer or the company. It is great that you have options, but do not show desperation. If you must go to another interview or other meetings, just reschedule your interview beforehand and make sure the interviewer has acknowledged the new arrangement. Working Hours Asking for the work hours is definitely a legitimate question, as there are companies that really would get you to work 12 hours a day...

Interview Duration If you ask...

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Awkward Handshake - Jobable

Start your Job Interview with a Proper Handshake

There is a whole lot more to a handshake than just a formal greeting. According to a survey conducted in London, 73% of respondents said handshaking is an important social gesture. It tells people about your personality and confidence. One particularly important time to put your best hand forward is in a job interview! Let’s start fresh from the beginning today and review one of the most important steps to making a positive first impression - the handshake. Know what impressions you can leave with handshakes A sloppy...

There is a whole lot more to a...

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How You Can Stand Out In A Group Job Interview

Have you ever had a chance to attend a group interview? If you have, then you probably understand how hard it can be to stand out in a crowd of 10, 20 or even 50 people. Group interviews may not be as common as one-on-one interviews, but they are rising in prominence for employers in Hong Kong and you will probably come across these exciting, competition-like interviews in the near future. This interviewing technique is usually used when companies are hiring for popular positions consisting of many job...

Have you ever had a chance to ...

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5 Dos On The Day Of Your Job Interview

1. Do ask at least two people on your presentation/dress. Your sense of style might not be to your interviewer’s taste, don’t just trust your mirror! Go and seek out opinions from your friends and family. Whilst it’s nice to believe people live by a philosophy of “not judging a book by its cover”, the way you dress definitely impacts an interviewer’s first impression of you. 2. Do power pose before your interview. Nervous? Power posing has scientifically been proven to increase hormone levels that impact confidence. Find a mirror...

1. Do ask at least two people ...

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