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Top 3 Action-Packed Team Building Activities in Hong Kong

Gone are the days when team building was all about closing your eyes and throwing yourself backwards, whilst hoping that your colleagues were holding their hands tightly enough to catch you before you hit the ground. Today, there are so many cooler and more active ways to foster good relations amongst your workforce.

Here are three of the best action-packed team building activities in Hong Kong:

Sick leave bear_jobable

4 Ways to Prevent Employees Abusing Sick Leave

I fractured my finger last week. Much to my surprise, I was given a doctor’s note for a recommended 8 days sick leave from work. Seeing that I’m still a functional human being, albeit a slightly slower typer, it really escaped me as to why I should be recommended any sick leave at all! This got me thinking that there must be individuals who would take over a week of sick leave for such a minor ailment – something that would be particularly concerning for HR professionals.

Zombies - candidate experience_jobable

Lifeless Zombies? The State of Candidate Experience in Hong Kong

Many companies in Hong Kong fail to realise the importance of treating candidates as human beings rather than lifeless zombies. When it comes to the awareness of the role that candidate experience plays in talent acquisition and employer branding, I strongly believe that the Western hemisphere is leading the way. Not because it’s the nice and cool thing to think about, but because they need to think about this. The job markets in Europe as well as the United States have seen some tough cycles in...

Many companies in Hong Kong fa...

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Boss employees time_jobable

How Much Time Should You Spend With Your Employees?

New research by Leadership IQ has suggested that the optimal amount of time employees should spend with their bosses is 6 hours per week. The study argued that employees who spend this amount of time with their direct managers every week are 30% more engaged, 29% more inspired, 16% more innovative and 15% more motivated than those who spent only 1 hour a week with their bosses. The study also argued that this time is maximised even further when most of it is face-to-face rather than...

New research by Leadership IQ ...

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4 Uses of Social Media for Employee Engagement and Recruitment

Social Media is an effective tool to influence brand awareness to potential future employees. Nowadays candidates are choosing their employer as much as they are being chosen themselves, thus it is becoming increasingly important for companies to maintain their online image. Employee participation in social media is also a useful method to affect public opinion and create trust for the company, especially when they reinforce the company’s values and information. Companies can also use social media internally to increase employee engagement. Here are some innovative social media...

Social Media is an effective t...

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I Love My Job – Happy Valentine’s Day Hong Kong!

Today, it would be wrong of me to blog about anything else but Love. I am of course going to be discussing Love of the most important thing in your life. That which you think about constantly, spend most of your time with, and flutter between the emotions of love and hate on a daily basis. Your job. On Love’s greatest day, let’s explore the types of relationships we have with our jobs, in a bid to stir the passion in our work and the lust in our...

Today, it would be wrong of me...

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Lai See in Hong Kong – making your Job easier!

You may already know that every Chinese New Year, red envelopes, popularly known as “Lai See”, change hands throughout Hong Kong as a gesture of good luck and prosperity for the coming year. The tradition of giving “Lai See” is done under the general principle of the older generations giving to the young, and those with more money giving to those with less. Often this means giving to those who provided a service to you throughout the year - it can be the doorman of your building,...

You may already know that ever...

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