How To Use Business Storytelling Techniques – Minds at Work #7

For the 7th edition of Minds at Work, we welcomed Robert Kienzle, the Senior Consultant at Knowmium. He discussed the importance of business storytelling techniques and why everyone should use them. This time, we used video. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did doing it!

🎥Watch the video here!🎥

Host: Olivia Maitre
Guest: Robert Kienzle

1.What exactly is business storytelling? (1.06)


2.What are the benefits of using storytelling in businesses? (1.53)


3.“Facts speak to your mind, stories speak to your heart” Can you confirm? (4.04)


4.What are the misconceptions of storytelling? (7.04)


5.Example(s) of storytelling “gone bad”? (9.24)


6.Do you use storytelling? (11.49)


7. Any tips you would like to share with brands in need? (13.53)

Stay tuned for the next episode 🙂

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