How to Be a Bodyguard in Hong Kong?



1: Anyone can be a personal bodyguard in Hong Kong.

You don’t need a license to become a personal bodyguard in the city.


2: Know the key skills of a personal bodyguard: Fitness, driving, firearms and medical procedures

You also need great observational skills – so that you are able  spot danger more quickly. It helps if you are tall and muscular if you are working in the security service industry because “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting, and the bodyguard needs an intimidating appearance,” said Mou Xiaolong, founder of Dragon International Bodyguard. He requires his team to be at least 180 cm tall and weigh at least 85 kg. (Global Times)


3: How good do you need to be?

A properly trained professional bodyguard is expected to be able to defend a client from 3 to 4 attackers who are unarmed. ( 


4: Experience

Being an armed police, special forces soldier, and wushu champion are the most highly sought-after experience for personal bodyguards. If you are still in your twenties, consider becoming a police first. Get as much experience as you can to advance your career!

Take Choi Young-jae, the bodyguard of the Korean president, as an example. The bodyguard, who gained worldwide fame for his handsome features, has an honorary 11th-degree blackbelt in martial arts, studied security service at Yong In University and served in South Korea’s Special Warfare Command as an officer for 10 years, where he was sent to Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates as a VIP guard as well as an instructor of the high-altitude infiltration team. (Korea Times


5: Bodyguard Training

There are courses available to enhance your skills. Bodyguard training is available In Hong Kong at the Signal 8.  Alternatively, you can train in Mainland China, where bodyguard training is more about defending and controlling an attacker, or you can head to overseas, where training focuses on anti-terrorism and armed protection. (Global Times)  


6: Advance your career

Just like any other career, you can advance your career in the field of security service. You will be able to work for more high-profile clients or get a higher salary if you have more experience and skills. You can consider getting certified as a lifeguard, take skiing lessons in case your clients go skiing, and learning a new language.


7: Opportunities:

Since the kidnapping of heiress Queenie Rosita Law, the granddaughter of  late Bossini founder Law Ting-pong, bodyguards have risen in demand in Hong Kong. Many Chinese billionaires are also gradually realizing the need for a personal bodyguard. They are starting to realize that being low key is not enough to protect themselves – because a lot of assault come from employees, friends and family. (Global Times)


8: Which gender is more suitable to be a personal bodyguard?

How to Be A Bodyguard in Hong Kong


Both gender has its own advantages – female clients may prefer a female bodyguard, and female bodyguards can disguise themselves as assistants and secretaries more easily than male bodyguards.  On the other hand, male bodyguards are usually stronger. The Standard reported that it would be impossible to organize an all-woman team for the female Chief Executive candidates. A police officer said, “Body strength between men and women is, after all, quite different, so we can’t have a whole team of females.”   (The Standard)  


9: Perks of being a personal bodyguard

For men, you’ll find a girlfriend easily. Being a personal bodyguard no doubt pays well, and with that fit body of yours… women are going to swoon!

For women: First, you never have to worry about getting fat, because it’s your job to stay fit. Second, you can protect yourself wherever you go!

For both female and male bodyguards, you’ll meet interesting people through your clients and you can learn a lot from them – what made them successful? What are their habits and mindset?

When Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing‘s chauffeur was preparing to retire, Li gave him HK$2 million as a retirement gift, but the chauffeur declined and said he had already become a millionaire. Li was surprised to hear this because his salary was only a few thousand dollars a month.

The chauffeur replied, “While I was driving, I paid attention to what you said in the back seat with your partners regarding which stocks to buy. Wherever you bought land, I bought a small piece in the same area. Whichever stocks you bought, I bought some too. (


10:  The bad

Working overtime, long-hour shifts, being bored when you are waiting for your client etc.

Although it’s not compulsory, it’s still an unwritten rule for bodyguards not to date. “Girls are more emotional, and a relationship might influence our judgment at work,” said Sherry, a bodyguard, who intends to retire at 35 to be in a relationship. (Global Times)


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