When Is The Best Time To Apply For Jobs?

Have you been job hunting and have had no positive results? Are you sure you’ve been searching correctly? Applying for jobs is a tough process – there are many factors to consider for ‘good’ job hunting: use of resources, networking, personal attitude… One of them is knowing which is the best time that will increase your chances of finding a job – it can be of huge help. Timing is everything.

Obviously, candidates who apply for jobs when they are first posted will have a better chance of being noticed first. The longer a candidate waits, the more applicants on the same offer – you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand.

On a monthly basis, 4 words: New year, new me. Indeed, your best bet is January and February – companies have a clearer understanding of what they need; and most unemployed people too…It goes without saying that January starts a bit slow as people are recovering from all festivities and are progressively getting back into their workflow. Perhaps your best aim is to apply mid-month, when executives have had time to settle back into work. Although the new year isn’t the only good time: in Autumn, harvest more jobs! September and October are also golden months to apply/hire. Kids are back at school; parents are back at work…  The hiring process is quicker. TotalJobs also recorded October as the most competitive month of the year, with the highest number of adverts posted in both October and September.

On a weekly basis, it is apparent that Tuesday is the best day to apply for jobs. The reason is that most companies post job listings on that day, according to Smart Recruiters:


When Is The Best Time To Apply For Jobs?

However, the day of the week isn’t the only factor to take into account.  The hour you choose to apply for jobs is as crucial. According to additional data from smart recruiters, 11 a.m. is the most popular time for companies to post job listings. By the time candidates have gazed around the web and found an interesting offer, most of them typically apply around 2 pm. In other words, to be ahead of them, try to look for postings in the late morning. In fact, it is proven on our jobs board that in 2017, most candidates applied for jobs at 11.am: which is the biggest number of applicants overall.

see below


When Is The Best Time To Apply For Jobs?

As evaluated from Jan 1 2017 to Sep 30 2017, www.jobable.com

But bear in mind, these are simply guides and stats – the best time to apply for jobs is, essentially, when you feel ready to! It is not an easy process and the best way to get it done successfully is when you have the right mindset and attitude…

Best of luck!



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