3 Contenders for Best Boss in the World

You might be lucky enough to have a great boss in real life. However, a lot can be learnt by looking at some of the great fictional bosses. We profile three of the best here.

Boss #1 – Montgomery Burns

In Simon Sinek’s best selling book  ‘Start With Why’ he observes that leaders who truly inspire everyone, start by answering the question, “Why?”

Nobody answers the question of “Why?” as consistently and accurately as Mr Burns. Everything he does is out of his desire to increase his own wealth and power. Indeed, for anyone who aspires to be financially independent, Burns is a perfect role model, with his net worth listed as $1.5 billion by Forbes.

Burns is a first class decision-maker, occasionally ordering loyal employee Smithers to “release the hounds” and let his guard dogs attack any enemies.

In addition, Burns is a master motivator, using positive language, including his favourite word of encouragement – ‘Excellent’ – to great effect. Ingeniously, he often combines his words with the classic body language of steepling his fingers to fully exert his power and influence as the boss.

Boss - Mr Burns



Boss #2  – Daenerys Stormborn (AKA.Khaleesi)

A great example of a young boss. If ever there was an example of starting from the bottom, this is it. Daenerys spent her younger life in exile before carefully masterminding her rise to become the most respected woman in the Seven Kingdoms. Ok, so it helps when you have the most fearsome army and some fire breathing dragons, but the loyalty that Daenerys commands is truly impressive.

As with Montgomery Burns, Daenerys Stormborn has a clear “Why” in what she does. However in her case it’s definitely a more noble cause. Her mission statement is to end slavery and injustice throughout the Seven Kingdoms. Not an easy task, and one which is made more difficult by having to manage competing cultures within her ‘team‘, from the brutish Dothraki, to the skilled warriors of The Unsullied.  Finding ways to motivate these different types of personality is key to her leadership style. It helps that she is an exceptional speaker capable of whipping her troops into a frenzy as she outlines her vision for conquering all.

Despite her strong moral views, Daenerys is capable of dealing ruthlessly with her enemies – particularly the slave masters. Her decisiveness also holds true when dealing with her inner circle. She will not accept anything less than 100% loyalty as observed when she banishes her closest advisor for working with her competitors.


Boss #3 – Albus Dumbledore

The most powerful wizard ever? Possibly. Although i’m sure Merlin and Gandalf may beg to differ. One thing is for sure, Dumbledore is a great boss. Some of his staff at Hogwarts have been with him for over 50 years, and Dumbledore is happy to delegate day-to-day responsibilities to his trusted deputy Professor Mcgonagall. It is this management style of trusting his staff implicitly as well as his belief in them that really sets Dumbledore aside.

Dumbledore is also incredibly humble. Even though he is widely known as the most powerful wizard, his office door is always open should anyone have a problem that they wish to share with him. Ultimately, Dumbledore is also willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good, a sign of a truly great leader.

Boss - Dumbledore



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