The 8 types of personalities at your office Christmas party

It’s that time of the year again: the season of embarrassing yourself in front of your whole team, for the sake of your office Christmas party. Before you go on and celebrate with your fellow colleagues, make sure you can recognize these 8 types 😉

Which one are you?

1.The Organizer
The person who is behind the whole party – usually pretty not keen on going to the party their selves. Naturally pretty responsible, The Organizer anticipates the celebration from A-Z – but sadly doesn’t enjoy it as much as others.

2.The Gift-Giver
The Gift-Giver not only organizes Secret Santa, but also takes the time to find personalized gifts for each and every team member – whether they genuinely like them or not.

3.The Grinch
Haters gonna hate…
As you know, the Grinch absolutely hates Christmas. “Why do we have to do this party?” he constantly thinks. He will do whatever it takes to take away your jolly, childish Christmas spirit. Oh, and he probably hates you low key.

4.The Over-Celebrator
On the contrary – this one most definitely believed in Santa until age 13 and started wearing ugly Christmas sweatshirts since December 1st. The excitement of the season is so intense, the office Christmas party is as crucial for them as Christmas day.

5.The Creative
This one will most likely be found behind the decks of the party, showing off their musical tastes. The Creative enjoys being different and edgy, mostly by chugging his/her pint as quick as lightning or smoking a fag outside.

6.The Workaholic
“Can you stop talking about work so much?” they constantly thought.
The Workaholic doesn’t care if it’s time to celebrate, with work colleagues, the conversation revolves around work only. In other words, The Workaholic is a real party pooper.

7.The One you forgot worked here
This is the colleague you’ve never spoken to. The one in a different department that you even forgot existed. Well, there’s no better time than a party to get to know strangers 😉

8.The Party Animal
The most important member of the office Christmas party, the one who, rather than just drinking their beverage one sip at a time, comes up with a complex set of rules of how much and when you can drink. If not busy playing, the Party Animal is probably downing shots or showing groovy dance moves on the table.

Want to be part of an office Christmas party? You’re at the right place 🙂

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