Top 5 Soft Skills that Employers Seek

Based on a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employer, there are 5 main soft skills that we need to pay extra attention to. At the end of the day, these are the skills that are the most important –  and also in the eyes of employers.


 1.Problem-solving skills

Why do you think employers hire talent in the first place?
Undoubtedly, this soft skill comes number 1.
But to be a good problem-solver also means being a good critical thinker. They both go hand in hand. As a critical thinker, you are able to ask the right questions, on the “right” problem, which will lead to choosing the right solution.

2. Ability to work in a team

The importance of this soft skill shouldn’t be too hard to understand. When you are good in teamwork, you know how to listen actively – offer help when required – be tolerant of others’ – can resolve conflict – and the list goes on.
Fortunately, workplaces are increasingly becoming more diverse and inclusive; but that also means employees have to know how to work with others, more than ever before.

3. Written communication skills

Imagine sending emails or reports, or writing any other documents without the ability to write effectively? Obviously not possible.
It is crucial for any given job in any given industry.
Written communication skills are important, but general communication with colleagues, managers, leaders, clients is at the same scale.

4. Leadership

As mentioned in my previous article, everyone has in them a bit of leadership potential…
The hardest part is to find the perfect combination of all leadership skills.

If employers have a feeling you will be more than just a worker, but a future leader – Bingo. Leaders need many skills, but just to let you know, all of the above are also part of them. Add emotional intelligence and managing conflicts and you’ve got a leader.

5.Strong work ethic

Simply put, those who have a strong work ethic get the job done – no matter what.
They are the ones who others will rely on for bigger and more complex tasks. A strong work ethic includes professionalism, productivity, teamwork (mentioned above) consistency and cooperation.

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