5 Things Not To Say To Your New Colleagues

The modern workplace can be a maze. A place of confusion even. Although you may have the best of intentions, the pressures of settling into a new environment can be overbearing. Fitting in with your new colleagues is going to be high on your agenda, so whatever you do, make sure not to say the following things;

“What’s Your Salary?”

Money is a hard subject to broach at the best of times. This particular question causes multiple problems. First, it’s easily taken as being rude and an invasion of privacy. Second, the answer could lead to major difficulties – either because you find out someone is paid more than you, or perhaps worse, someone finds out you are paid more than them. Don’t expect the warmest welcome after that!

“That’s Not My Job.”

If you get asked to do something that isn’t inside your exact role and responsibility, complaining probably isn’t the correct response.

Job descriptions are not contracts and unless someone is asking you to do something illegal or morally dubious, then it’s best to roll your sleeves up and pitch in with your best efforts. That’s definitely something better to be noticed for than moaning.

Should things genuinely get out of control, approach your supervisor privately and express any concerns about your workload.

“I’m Hungover.”

Making a point of this does not make you look ‘cool’. In fact, getting a reputation amongst your colleagues as the office party boy/girl will likely lead to people respecting you less, especially if this affects your work or worse, the work of those around you. Do what you like in your spare time, just keep it at the office door.

“How Old Are You?”

Nobody likes this question. At work it carries especially harmful implications, suggesting an effort to measure yourself or your colleague’s performance against some fictional age-based scale. Avoid.

“You Look Great Today.” 

It goes without saying that flirting with colleagues is a no-no in the office. So it’s best to avoid talking in any way about a colleague’s physicality. This includes offering ‘diet suggestions’ or supplying compliments that might overstep the mark, even if you don’t think they are inappropriate. This particular comment might leave someone wondering how bad they must have looked the previous day!

The solution? Try complimenting items over people. Stylish clothes, cool gadget etc. All good! Even better, save your compliments for someone having a good idea or making a high impact contribution in their job. These compliments are much more substantive and likely taken as more meaningful by the person you are complimenting.

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