4 Uses of Social Media for Employee Engagement and Recruitment

Social Media is an effective tool to influence brand awareness to potential future employees. Nowadays candidates are choosing their employer as much as they are being chosen themselves, thus it is becoming increasingly important for companies to maintain their online image. Employee participation in social media is also a useful method to affect public opinion and create trust for the company, especially when they reinforce the company’s values and information. Companies can also use social media internally to increase employee engagement.

Here are some innovative social media strategies that companies such as Esquel and Hopewell have successfully implemented:


1) Proactive Content Marketing

Proactively posting functional, positive, fun, unique and interactive posts on social media build engagement with and trust for the company. Content must be easy to share to create a ‘buzz’ online. Easy to view and share examples include a combination of blog posts, photos, and videos. These build a positive brand image and attract potential employees to apply to your company.


2) Motivate employees

Employees should be encouraged to create and share information about the company as well, using hashtags to allow the company to keep track of these. Employees can be motivated to do so through incentives such as gift cards. This also kills two birds with one stone through simultaneously increasing employee engagement


3) Be open to negative feedback

Having a presence on social media can also attract negative comments from the public, which the company can learn from. Employees should be coached on how to politely address these, as the way in which they reply affects the company’s image. Be careful though – the line between work and life can be blurred online. It’s important to also have a strict employee policy that pertains to both online and offline behaviour.


4) Internal Social Media

Social media can also be used internally to encourage collaboration and engagement amongst employees. For example, Bessie Chong (Director, Group Training and Talent Management, Esquel Group) explained the success of using Yammer within the company, which serves as a form of professional ‘Facebook’ at work. She explained how this platform encourages employees to share ideas and communicate effectively online.

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