3 Steps to Bring the “Fight” to the Office

After England’s shock exit from the European Football Championship at the hands of Iceland last Monday, the team has come under extreme scrutiny for their disappointing campaign. In particular, their poor tactics and lack of fight have been widely criticised.

England’s star-studded line-up, who at the start of the competition were touted as a team who could go far, were defeated by an Iceland side competing at their first European Championship. It would be all too easy to put England’s loss down to their lackluster performance. However, that would demean the Iceland team who were organized, well drilled and most importantly had the drive and fight to go out and win the game, which in the end they deservedly did.

The Fight

Iceland had the “Fight Mentality”. This is the same mental approach that saw Leicester City become Premier League champions when the odds of them achieving this at the start of the season were 5000/1. The “Fight” mentality is a term I’ve coined through my experiences in several sports teams. It means that each individual at the is willing to fight for each of their teammates and colleagues and will work together to achieve their joint goal no matter what.

The exact same mentality if fostered within a company can greatly increase team spirit, productivity and the chances of building and running a successful business. Be clear, this is not about aggressive behaviour, it’s about the desire to succeed, the will to win.

Here are three ways to help create a “Fight Mentality”;

Host Frequent Team Building Events

The first step in cultivating the “Fight” mentality is to build trust between your employees. Hosting team-building events such as company movie nights, beach outings, sport days, etc. will not only build meaningful relationships between employer and employee but also employee and employee relationships. Having these events will create a more cohesive and comfortable work environment. It is very important to have each employee know that each and every one of their colleagues will have their back and the same vice-versa. Ultimately this trust will incite positive workplace interactions and effective communication.

Promote and Encourage Healthy Competition

After building a foundation of trust and mutual respect between everyone in the company, the next step is to promote and encourage healthy competition through constructive criticism. Since the foundations of a team has been assembled, constructive criticism will help develop an “always room for improvement” attitude. It is important to not only give your employees feedback and constructive criticism on the work that they do, but to also have the employees themselves give one another feedback. You have hired a group of talented employees and each and everyone one of them can help spot imperfections in the work their co-workers do. However it is extremely important to keep it constructive. Feedback is useless if all you say is “this isn’t good enough.” Always be specific when giving feedback, and comment on how things can be fixed.

Set Goals and Acknowledge Accomplishments

The third step is to set goals and acknowledge accomplishments. In order to get work done, you must set goals. These goals must be known and accepted by every employee. By setting goals that are common or connected to all employees, each employee will work with one another to achieve the common goal. When employees surpass or achieve their goals, the employers should acknowledge their accomplishments and reward them accordingly. Whether the reward is a bonus, a beer, or simply a high five, everyone likes to be acknowledged and rewarded.

By fostering this “Fight” mentality in your office, not only can you improve internal company relationships but also the efficiency and productivity of your company.

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