10 Stats You NEED to Read Before Your Next Job Interview

It’s always nerve-wracking to anticipate your next job interview. It’s a time when your head is full of anxiety and uncertainty… We’ve all been there. But sometimes, shedding light on the most common reasons why a candidate may or may not fail his/her interview can help a lot.

Now here’s the deal. Your next job interview will not just be about the Q&A. This may include your body language, your facial expression, your choice of clothes and the confidence you portray. Now let’s get into the 10 stats you wish you knew before!

1. To know way before your next job interview: 76% of resumes are discarded for an unprofessional e-mail address

Hopefully, you should know this already. E-mail addresses can tell a lot – and it may be the reason why your resume has been discarded in the first place. E-mails that include a:

-Sexual reference
For example: hotgurl90@hotmail.com

-Drinking reference
For example: partyanimal15@gmail.com

-Current employer name
For example: matt@ibm.com

Just to state a few…The list goes on.

2. 70% of interviewees were too trendy or fashionable

It’s normal that you want to look at your absolute best at your next job interview. But “Best” doesn’t necessarily mean being too stylish… Except if you are giving a shot at America’s Next Top Model competition.

3. 55% were rejected for the way they acted or walked through the door

You know what they say. People know – within the first 7 seconds they meet you -whether they appreciate you or not. This also includes the way you walk through the door. Are you entering the room with your eyes facing your feet? Or are you walking in confidently with your head held high? The 2nd one is obviously the one to opt for.

4.67% of applicants failed to make eye contact with the interviewer

We’re allowed to be a bundle of nerves when facing an interviewer. But bear in mind that a lack of eye contact can be very negative. Either it means that you are shy, or afraid, or simply don’t have enough confidence to face what’s in front. No one wants to hire someone who is already that fearful.

5. 38% lacked a smile

It may not be the happiest moment of your life, but you still need to make an effort to smile! Smiling has always worked wonders… Be it in an interview, in relationships or in your everyday life and activities…

6.  33% of applicants had a bad posture

Body language is crucial! As mentioned previously, someone who walks in with their eyes facing their feet is definitely a bad sign. Make sure your back is straight, that you’re not holding your head or that you are “hugging the table”, in other words with your stomach tilt forward.

7. 21% of interviewees crossed their arms over their chest

Another one related to body language. Crossing your arms over your chest has very negative connotations. It usually means that you’re refusing something, or feeling annoyed about something. When you’re presenting yourself at your next interview, make sure your arms are open – it means that you are confident and open for opportunities.

8. 38% did not get the job due to their overall confidence or quality of voice

Well, this one is not as easy to work on. Overall confidence doesn’t change overnight. Neither does the quality of your voice – although you can practice sounding more confident, maybe by exercising a higher-pitched voice. Fake it till you make it, right?

9. 26% were eliminated due to weak handshakes

A handshake says a lot too! Make sure you are always standing straight – and that you put enough strength in your handshake. A weak handshake will send the signal that you are weak yourself.

10. 47% knew little or nothing about the company

It goes without saying that before going to your next job interview, you need to know about the company you’re applying to…Why would they hire someone who doesn’t even care about their business?

Now, some of these stats sound obvious – but as you just read, your physical attitude (Your posture, style, facial expression), the way you walk and the way you talk is a lot more important than we think… So don’t only stress the Q&A. Make sure you’re at your absolute best for your next job interview. Nail it!

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